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Water or Fire Damage

If a person avoids storing belongings near a water source, and places the washer at the ground level of their home, they can avoid many incidents. They could also preemptively seal off areas around potential problems areas. This could ultimately prevent a leak from damaging the flooring or ceiling, depending upon where it is coming from.

On the other hand, fire damage, regardless of the size of the blaze, will destroy whatever it touches. It can burn items or an entire home beyond recognition, singing surfaces beyond recognition and embedding the stench of fumes in everything nearby. Burning objects will also put off toxic fumes. In general, fires present far more health hazards than house leaks and floods. A flooding basement is certainly horrifically inconvenient, but a burning house is incredibly life threatening.

How quickly a disaster spreads depends on the source and circumstances. A fire can start small and grow, especially when a chemical spill or electrical problem is the source. Both fire and water issues can be the result of a gradual leak from a small crack, a misaligned pipe, a shifting foundation, or a broken or poorly installed appliance.

Fire damage can occur quite suddenly as the result of a cooking accident, local fire, or a problem with a gas leak. When it comes to surveying the effects of water or fire in one’s home, whether the situation lasted for a matter of minutes or hours, viewing ruined belongings can be painful. But material possessions can be replaced or repaired after the water has dried or the flames have been squelched.

The first step is to try to prevent the spread of small to moderate fires in the first place. Once it starts, the proper method to stop any type of fire is with an extinguisher but it is best to smother grease fires, which are the cause of many household incidents when an extinguisher isn’t near or in the house at all. Once the flames have subsided, then recovery can begin. The same can be said for the drying out process that follows water damage as well. Assessing what is lost and what is salvageable makes the catastrophe manageable and conquerable.