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How to utilise outdoor furniture post corona

Having a beautiful garden is always lovely. But what’s the point in having a garden covered with flowers if you can’t sit on a bench or at a table and enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in?

You can buy outdoor furniture from many places, and there are plenty of Design Furnishings opinions.

Today, I want to give some advice for how to make sure your furniture is always looking fabulous.

Keep it clean

I’m going to start with the most obvious one. Keep it clean.

When you take a seat, you don’t want to have to put your pants into the wash. You don’t want muck all over your hands.

The way you should clean will depend on the material your furniture is made out of. If it’s made from metal, there won’t be any chemicals you can’t use, although you should be wary of using anything too rough to scrub with.

If your garden accessories are made of wood, you’ll need to be more careful because chemicals can damage the wood. Just use soap and water, and possibly polish.

Keep the birds away

Another thing to keep in mind is that you always need to make sure you keep the birds away.

Having birds in the garden can be lovely, but they need to be where you put their food because when birds need to go to the toilet, they’ll do it.

And you don’t want them doing it all over your furniture .

If you get any, you’ll need to clean it up.

over your furniture


Another enemy of the clean garden furniture is mould. Not only does mould cause awful stains, but it can also make you incredibly sick.

Not to mention that if it gets out of control, your wooden furniture won’t be around for much longer.

During the winter, when the temperature drops, the conditions become ideal for mould. The key here is to make sure you put your furniture into the shed during the winter and take it out when the summer comes.

If you do see any mould, even the slightest speck , make sure to clean it up immediately, before it spreads to the rest of the bench.

Get rid of pests

And finally, you don’t want your furniture being eaten by pests.

These pests could be woodlice, termites, ants, and sometimes even birds. This is particularly the case with wood.

Using pesticides can be dangerous for our health, so I would not recommend using it. A better idea would be to keep on painting your benches and tables with wood polish. The polish won’t just stop it getting eaten (because it’s deadly to most creatures), but it can also help slow the spread of mould.

The vast majority of polish can be brought for a meager price.


Having outdoor furniture can help to bring your garden to life, and bring it that extra spark which can turn it from a patch of grass with flowers to somewhere you can relax and unwind.

But making sure you keep it clean, free of bird poop, mould free, and uneaten are vital to making the most out of your furniture.