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Ways To Clean a Gas Stove

Temperature Setting

Always be sure to clean your unit when it is not warm. Make sure the grates and top are cool to the touch before cleaning.

Clean the Grates

Grates are the removable metal parts of each cook top burner. Soak in warm soapy water for easier cleaning. If food particles have dried on them, while soaking, simply scrub them with a paper towel or cloth. Be sure to let them dry completely before placing them back on the stovetop.

Control Knobs

The control knobs can also be safely removed and cleaned. Pull them off and wash them in warm soapy water. Allow them to air dry before reattaching them.

The Battle With Food Stains

As with any kitchen appliance, food particles can quickly build up on surfaces. Use a wooden scraper, rounded knife or razor blade to gently lift off the dried bits of food. Try not to chip or scratch the surface.

Applying a cleanser that contains pumice, a porous, lightweight rock of volcanic origin used for stubborn cleaning, will be most effective. Again, non-gel toothpaste can also be used to help attack dried-on foods and stains.

Don’t Forget the Burner Assembly

Small openings in the burner area allow gas to emanate while cooking. The openings can be safely cleaned with a small object such as a paper clip, straight pin or piece of fine wire. Avoid using any object that could break off and block the holes. Try using a soft toothbrush with a gentle scrubbing action. Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

Clean the Surface

Using a microfiber cloth or a paper towel, apply your cleanser of choice. Avoid using a dirty sponge or dishcloth as these can leave a film which will appear once the stove is hot again. Dry with a towel after rinsing thoroughly.