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Wall Bed Shopping

Space requirements

The most important aspect of wall bed shopping is the space requirements. Wall beds are ideal for homes with limited space, but in order to fit them there must be available space and open wall space. For a twin bed, at least four feet of open wall space is required. If the wall bed is larger, a bigger wall space is required. In front of this space, at least seven feet of open area is needed so that the bed can easily be laid out when it is time for bed. If you do not have that much space then you must rethink your plans to purchase a wall bed, or clear out furniture from your room.

Lift mechanisms of wall beds

A wall bed provides the same function as a typical bed, but there are features that differentiate it from regular beds. The three components of a Murphy bed are the bed frame, the cabinet, and the lift mechanism. It is important for you to have a bit of a background about the lift mechanism, of which there are two types. Both the piston and spring mechanism create a force that lift the bed into the wall for storage, so that there is no need to call for a super strong person to hoist it up to the wall cabinet when it is not in use.

Spring systems offer adjustable tension, unlike piston systems which make these bed more balanced such that the bed is held down more stably on the floor. If the spring or piston system is not properly balanced, the bed would have to be held down by weights lest is rises from the floor. It is also important to understand that the lift systems of these beds create strong forces, which are then applied onto the bed structure. It is therefore important to determine the kind of materials the bed frame itself is made from so that the bed can serve you for a good number of years.

Safe installation

The installation process is a key determinant of the safe usage of the wall bed in the coming days. Murphy bed installations are not very complicated procedures, but it must be assembled properly so that you can safely use it afterward. The assembly requires connecting the pivot hardware for attachment of the cabinet top and headboard. The pistons are also connected to the ball stud plates. In addition, the frame must be secured and the right number of anchors placed depending on the size of the bed. Make sure that people who have prior experience in installing well beds do the job since the lift mechanism must be assembled correctly to ensure safety and longevity.