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Vinyl Windows

Functionality Considerations

Whether your frames are made from wood or vinyl, windows must function well. These are not just pretty panes of glass to let light into your home, they are devices that need to be opened and closed to work correctly. Choose high quality products that have been sturdily constructed. The corners should be welded near the frame and sash. There should be insulation and air chambers between the panes of glass that are strong and rigid. Check the opening and closing function to make certain it aligns with your needs. Do you want a device that slides left to right, down to up, or that opens out? Cleaning is much easier when the device can be tilted. Also, select products that have warranties, especially those that are guaranteed for a “double lifetime.”

Energy Efficiency

When selecting vinyl windows, it’s important to look for insulated glass that has been labeled as an “Energy Star” product. In order to earn these labels, each product must adhere to strict criteria on efficiency. Yours should have double-paned glass that contains a warm edge space in between the panes. This space cuts down on heat loss as well as gain. There are also those that have a reflective coating on the surface for further efficiency. A topnotch product will have a Gold Seal Certification on it.

Attractiveness Counts

The framed glass panes on your house are some of the most attractive aspects. They are like the eyes of the building letting the light in and allowing inhabitants to look out. You want your wood or vinyl windows to be beautiful. Today’s products come fully assembled and in a variety of textures and colors. You can customize your frame’s color to match your paint or trim, as well as opt for the more classic black, white, or metal tones. Look for those that have been treated to resist yellowing or cracking over time.