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Undergoing Renovations

Selecting the right contractor to do work on your home is absolutely the most vital and important part of any home renovation or project. If you are careless in this step of the process you leave yourself vulnerable to many negative possible outcomes; A contractor that has little to no experience may use improper building methods, which is dangerous to your safety. More money spent on repairing the initial contractors inexperience and improper building applications; this is an example of a basic but very likely situation that can be easily avoided.

Get multiple quotes, meet with multiple contractors. You must be observant and make mental notes when meeting with potential contractors you are considering. Be aware of the contractors body language, and ability to answer any questions you may have. They should have sensible answers and solutions without delay, if you do not understand ask for a better explanation. You will notice if you have met with a few contractors that most of their solutions will require the same “scope of work”, if one seems to be way off the tracks; take note and be cautious, as this can be a sign of inexperience. Compare estimates from all of your possible candidates, they should for the most part be close in relation. It is normal to have a variance anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to five hundred. What you should be looking for here is not that contractors who are in close relation to each others estimate, but focus on the one (if any) are substantially lower in price than the rest. This is a very good indication that the contractor is inexperienced or that they do not intend to do a proper job.

Do a little investigation into the contractor/company you are considering for hire. Do they have a website? check it out, do they have any references or reviews? contact or read up on them. This is an important step that should not be overlooked, as you are able to learn a lot from others experiences. In person and on paper, a contractors demeanor can sometimes be misleading, this little bit of research can validate or disprove any concerns you may have.

In selecting the right contractor you ultimately have to feel comfortable with whomever who decide to hire. After you have followed all of the steps previously mentioned, you may be undecided between a couple possible candidates. The best solution to this matter is to go with whom you feel the most comfortable with, if budget is of great concern the contractor you choose will likely lower their quote within reason to accommodate. You may be required to make a 15 to 25 percent deposit, which is normal, if you are asked for more than this than be cautious and reconsider, unless there is a valid reason (materials for your project are extremely costly).