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Steps To Spray Paint Furniture

Select furniture

It is important to avoid upholstery when painting wood furniture. If you are dealing with outdoor furniture, you will need to find a paint that is moisture resistant as well as provide sun protection. They are some of the things that make furniture selection important. Some items and materials are best left to the professionals to paint so get your selection right.

Remove hardware

They include handles and knobs. They are easy to remove by unscrewing but will depend on what items you are about to paint. The drawers can be removed too to be painted differently before reassembling is done after complete drying of the parts.

Cover other objects and areas

Spray paint is made up of tiny particles easy to settle on surrounding surfaces as you spray. This makes it important to keep such areas and objects well covered to make sure you don’t end up staining them with paint. Drop clothes, masking tape and newspapers can be used to offer the needed protective cover to the objects and surfaces.

Sand and clean the furniture

Sanding will get rid of rough edges on your furniture and cleaning will remove the sawdust left after the sanding. A soft cloth should be good enough since this kind of cleaning does not need wetting. Cleaning with water can penetrate the wood leading to damage.

Practice painting

This should be done on a scrap object or a cardboard piece to jumpstart your skills.

Apply primer and then the paint

Primer should be applied first in light coats ensuring complete furniture coverage. It helps in achieving a glossy smooth finish at the end of the painting. After it has dried, you can then spray paint on the furniture.