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Space Saving Ideas

During this movement, many people tend to have a lot of valuable stuff which require sufficient space for safe keeping. This situation is quite stressful but there are some guidelines that can be very helpful in utilizing the little space that is available.

The first thing that you will need to do is to decide on the stuff you have; whether they are worth keeping or discarding. Another factor which you will need to take into account in the space saving ideas is whether or not the pieces of furniture are of the right size and well fitting in your new space. Do they make you comfortable? Is your family so attached to them?

There are a number of valuables which you should always keep. They include; sofa sets and corresponding chairs, any swiveling chair, armless chairs, end tables, anything which has storage and matching lamps. There are things that you may not use and which you should dispose of. These include old books, magazines, and personal papers which you may not need again. Items that are either too huge or worn out and uncomfortable should be discarded.

The following are some useful space saving ideas:

  • It is possible to create extra space by adding shelves above the doorways and glass shelves diagonally on deep-set windows.
  • You can use an Ottoman or a chest as your coffee table. Low bookcases can be put alongside a sofa back and will serve as a sofa table, too. You can fix a shelf high up on a wall or fix a low book case under the windows. You may also put a big bucket near your preferred chair for your magazines. A hallway may be lined with bookshelves to save on more space. You can also purchase stack magazines or a magazine rack that are in flat-bottomed baskets under a console or coffee table. Any wasted space can be utilized as corner bookcases.

The following can save more space.

  • You can buy a coffee table which has a drawer for remotes.
  • A wicker hamper can be used as a blanket’s storage space as well as an end table.
  • A shallow display space can be sliced in between wall studs.
  • A smaller number but bigger pieces of furniture and garnishes should be used in order to reduce visual litter. You can extend your outside space by making a deck or patio comfortable and hospitable.
  • For a tiny room, going for furniture with several drawers will easily solve storage problems. You can buy a folding bed that is included in a cabinet system as well as expandable tables and convertible sofas.