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Selections of Aesthetic Bamboo Plants

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Consumers today are falling in love with the bamboo plant with the wide selection available to beautify their home or offices in the garden or inside the premise. These Phyllostachys bamboo are unique plant species that are excellent to form a screen display or aesthetic purposes.

Bamboo plants come in interesting stem colors of yellow, green or black. A proper planning of position makes the plants a delightful and graceful screen with a special romantic ambience to the environment. A bit of space is required to allow the bushy clumps to thrive healthily to look graceful and exotic.

Live bamboo plants may be a bit daunting for many gardeners and consumers in the garden with their agile growth and sprouts as they can erupt through another decking spot. However, there are faux bamboo that would eliminate such worries to offer the same delightful aesthetics especially when placed indoors.


Maintaining the plants outdoors is not too difficult with the right information about these plants. The roots are fairly shallow with an easy dig up that can be replanted or given off as a delightful present to another.

Bamboo thrive well only in great humous-rich soil that is deep and moist for a taller growth although the plants can survive in heavy clay. They can be planted in a plastic pot to avoid an undesirable spillage of roots for a more contained growth.

The black bamboo prefers a more moist soil condition; this Phyllostachys nigra bamboo can grow into a large clump-forming plant with evergreen leaves and arching canes which are firstly seen as green before maturing at blackish-brown. Its narrow leaves of lanceolate form can grow up to 12 cm long in 2 years to make an excellent sub-tropical specimen for hedging or aesthetics purposes.