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Rustic Table

Rustic furniture includes tables. The hand crafted tables made from natural materials have a way of creating a serene, non-materialistic and laid-back kind of ambience. They are heavier and bulkier compared to other tables since they are made without any changes or processing done to the wood. This however also means they will last longer and have reduced chances of damage. Since they are very simple to construct, you can choose from different styles and designs.

  • Hutch – This is a flip top table that has a large top which can be swung back to transform into a chair. You will have the advantage of enjoying a table or a chair at your own convenience with this table style. You can consider when you have less furniture in your space.
  • Kang – It is a Chinese design that is rectangular, low and long with very short legs. It can be used as a bed or can come in handy as a large coffee table.
  • Tavern – The design can be rectangular or round at the top overhanging a small table base. The best thing about this rustic table design is that it is light and portable. It is actually very popular because it is durable and is common in pubs.
  • Console – This is a design that has a table with two legs around the front area, but with a back that is braced against the wall. The biggest advantage of the table is that is saves space but you must consider the fact that it might not be that easy to move.
  • Gate leg – The design is characterized by a drop leaf table that has the sides attached to legs and swing out to support the leaves. This kind of a table can be expanded to create more space for guests, but might end up demanding plenty of space.

These are the most common rustic table designs you can find. However, you can have practically any design done to your preference. Putting together a rustic table is not a hard thing to do; hence you can be as unique as possible with the design to make your space stand out. The fact is that you can put together your own rustic table if you have the wood planks. Your creativity can be your winning power in creating a space that is an expression of your personality and lifestyle. Individuals with an artistic eye will find the rustic items very impressive, elegant and stylish.