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Roofing Materials Primer

Shingles: Voted Most Popular

Asphalt shingles continue to be a favorite choice for homeowners regardless of their budget. They come in an impressive array of styles, sizes and colors as well as several price points to meet every budget. You can also find ones that closely mimic the appeal of other materials such as slate or tile that some roofing contractors don’t work with so that you can get a great look for less. Keep in mind, however, that shingles won’t last as long as some more durable materials such as metal or tile.

Slate: Not All Roofing Companies Install It

For over a century, some of the finest homes in America featured slate tiles because they are beautiful, plentiful and fire-resistant. Today’s homeowners often request a slate roof from companies because of the traditional beauty and organic texture of the individual slate pieces. It’s becoming more difficult for companies to get top quality slate these days, so the price is accordingly higher. Slate can last for more than fifty years if properly maintained.

Copper For A Warm Glow

Many roofing companies like working with copper because it is malleable and durable, but homeowners prefer it because it has a rich glow and is a wonderful, warm color that can be preserved with a proper sealant. Others prefer to let the copper mellow into a natural patina as the elements turn the glow to a soft, gray-green shade. Installing a copper roof takes time and expertise, so you will pay a premium for its luxurious beauty, but since it will last for generations, it’s well worth the price.

Wood Shakes: Organic Style

Roofing contractors sometimes recommend wood shakes because they are thicker than shingles and reveal the warmth and interest of the wood grain. If you want an organic, natural looking roof, wood shakes are the ideal choice. Interest in wood shakes is growing as more homeowners turn to natural materials, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. Wood is more flammable than metal or shingles, so it may not be the right choice if you live in an area prone to wildfires. If you are interested in an eco-friendly material, however, they should be considered.