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Rejuvenating a Home

In every country across the world, the construction of a house is mainly dependent on the weather and the climatic conditions that are prevalent in the country especially where the resident is living. The fatal elements of nature inevitably pose serious problems and have one of the most destructive effects on the house. There are various techniques that are applied for securing a house in various parts of the world which depends on the type of house that needs to be rendered safe for the residents of the house.

In tropical countries, especially in the Far East Asia, houses are normally raised on stilts. However in some countries where there are torrential rains with shifting or loosening of the soil, houses are raised on stumps, which form the base or the foundation of the house. It would be pertinent to mention that continual neglect of the house may lead to the sagging of the floors or inconvenience in opening or closing the doors in the house. Stumps are usually created from various materials such as steel, timber or concrete. While stumps made from timber are an economical and affordable material, concrete is considered to be as one of the strongest material for stumps that would result in a substantial savings in the end. Steel stumps normally result in the structure of the house in swaying occasionally, which could be fraught with risks and would therefore bring the house crashing down.

One of the primary steps for rejuvenating a house is that the old and decayed stumps on which the house is resting need to be replaced by new and sturdy stumps. The process of the replacement of the stumps involves the raising or sliding of the house from the floor level. The heaving of the level of the house is necessary for replacing the stumps. These stumps are replaced with either the old material such as steel or timber or a better material such as concrete stumps which prove to be the most durable material. The raising of the house is normally done by using heavy industrial jacks or equipment which can easily support the weight of the house. The house could either be raised in sections or raise the entire house. There are a large number of professional companies that are engaged to provide their services for re-stumping of a house.