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Reduce Hot Water Heater

Type of Appliance

What sort of hot water heater will be best for your home? It depends on the number of people living in your house as well as your preferences. If you have lots of family members, you will likely need a larger tank to accommodate all the showers, baths, and dishwashing. Typical residential tanks range from 20 gallons to 50 gallons for a household. You can reduce costs by using an on-demand system or one that is heated with solar energy. While both of these eco-friendly systems may cost more initially, they will save homeowners money over the long run.

Temperature Setting

If you lower the temperature on your hot water heater, it will take less energy to keep it fired up. If you mix your scalding H2O from the tank with cold from the tap, you’re wasting energy. You can also set your system on a timer so it’s only heating up during certain times of the day. If you wrap your tank with an insulated blanket designed for this purpose, you can keep the warmth inside and reduce the costs, as well.

Some individuals choose a scalding temperature when cold or warm could work just as well. For example, did you realize you can get your laundry clean enough by using cold and warm settings? If you really need maximum temperatures for certain loads of wash, make sure you use cold temps for the rinse cycles. If you do this, you will easily save a bundle on reduced hot water heater usage. Make sure your shower heads are energy efficient designs that spray fewer gallons but get you just as wet and clean. You won’t even notice you’re using less with these new devices.