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Principles of Ergonomics

Posture is everything when it comes to ergonomics. If you maintain a neutral posture, you will be able to give more productivity, be healthier, and happier. This is why ergonomics gives us devices and tools like the adjustable ergonomic stand up desk and the adjustable height computer monitor stand. When it comes to maintaining a perfect posture, the following should always be kept in mind;

    • You need to maintain the S curve. The spinal cord is like the alphabet S. It needs to be maintained in the curve only to ensure there is no strain or damage done to it. Straining or injuries to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis or even cancer, even the damaging and braking of bones.
    • The S curve should be maintained while standing as well. The S ends at the lower back, which is impacted by your movements while sitting and standing. It is a good idea to sit with a slight sway for your spine.
    • When you are sitting for long hours and are working, the spine takes the shape of C. The C curve can hurt you as it strains your back. In order to prevent that, it is important to have a lumbar support. To ensure you do not strain your neck or apply too much pressure on your eyes and shoulders, ergonomics has created tools which can be adjustable to your liking, once again, like the adjustable height computer monitor stand and adjustable ergonomic stand up desk.
    • Avoid the horrible V curve at all times! V curves produce the worst strains on the spinal cord, damaging the spine and causing back problems. This curve is produced while bending down. The best solution is not to use your spine to bend, use your knees, or place the object which you are reaching for on a higher level of surface.
    • The neck should be aligned. Not many are aware of this, but, the bones in our neck are a part of the spinal cord. If you touch the bone at the back of your neck and follow it downwards, you can feel the spine starting from there. In order to prevent strain on your neck, which can lead to nerve damages, you must retain the S curve at all times. Strains in the neck can also cause pressure and strain to be applied on the eyes, shoulders, and can give you a very annoying headache as well.