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Persian Rugs

The colour scheme is the first thing to consider in your Persian themed room. Be prepared to choose bold colours, such as dark reds, deep, rich burgundy, terracotta, indigo or emerald greens as your base colours. Pale, pastel shades do not feature at all in the Persian decorator’s palette, but earthy tones can be acceptable if you want the room to look slightly less indulgent. You can also consider purchasing a special style of paint that gives surfaces a slightly worn, antique looking finish, without looking tacky.

Many Persian themed rooms have tapestries or wall hangings on the walls for added decoration. Luxurious Persian rugs can also be hung to similar effect. These usually have intricately designed patterns, with rich and metallic colour schemes similar to the colour scheme of the room. Try to choose a colour that is a bit different from the colours of the walls, so that the colours of the hanging don’t get “swallowed” by colours of the wall, but be careful not to choose a pattern that will clash with the rest of the decor.

Get a large Persian rug to cover the floor. The intricately designed patterns and contrasting colours can complement the colour scheme and other artworks in the room. Many rugs are actually works of art in their own rights. High-quality handmade pieces are available over the internet or from specialist dealers. If you would prefer to have a bare floor, varnish and coat the floorboards so that they go a rich, deep brown, so that they will not look cold against the warm colours of the room. Either buy one stunning Persian rug to act as the centrepiece of the room or buy a few rugs of different sizes and place them around the room. Do not be afraid to experiment with layering. You can also choose to cover your floor in hand painted tiles, which are covered with intricate designs, but if you live in a temperate climate, this may leave your room feeling colder during winter. Tiles may be better option for the kitchen or the bathroom than for the living room or the bedroom.

The furniture in your room should be made of deep brown woods or be metallic. Never consider plastic items. If your budget is large enough, consider wooden items that are intricately carved with inlaid panels. If your budget is smaller you can make plainer items look more luxurious by draping them with Persian style fabrics. Choose items with beads, mirrored pieces and metallic embroidery. Silk and satin items with a trimmed fringe are also perfect. A large antique, gold framed mirror will complete the room, and can help small rooms look larger.