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Pebble Dash Removal

Avoid doing it yourself since you may damage the brickwork beneath. Some people have tried hammer and chisel to get rid of the rough patches. Since one wrong hit with the hammer and chisel could not undo the damage, you have to be extra careful. However, even the best skilled hands have done more damage to the wall doubling up the restoration work.

If you act at the first stage, you will save time and money, including your own sweat. Therefore, hire a construction specialist to do the work. You never know what could be the condition of the wall covered by the pebble. Call him to inspect the wall. After examining the wall, he will be in a better position to find the suitable and safest technique pebble dash removal. The specialist will take care that the stucco is removed in safely and in least possible time.

The length and cost of work will depend how the pebbles are applied to the wall. The duration will be longer if the entire outer walls are covered with the stucco. However, the application of the stones over the walls makes the difference. In those days, pebbles were applied in two ways. Either they were directly applied on the brickwork, or using another technique that could help in peeling off the out layer easily. Before proceeding with the work, ask the specialist what method he is going to use on your home. This will place you in front of the contractor as a knowledgeable person, and he can quote you accordingly.

Many experts in London undertake building restoration works. They have a trained and experienced team. Only they can do the chisel work by their hand, sand down each brick, and replace the broken ones. Even the pointing job is done, if the need arises. The team will also clean the entire debris and ensure that no neighbor are disturbed while the work in progress. It is also necessary that after the work is complete, all the bricks are in line, and no single one is disrupting or ruining the looks.