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Outdoor Furniture Materials

  • Wood – It is a material that is quite durable, strong and natural making it a popular choice for many. Nothing says it better than wood when it comes to uniqueness and quality. The most popular options include teak, white pine, cedar and wicker.
  • Teak – It is most expensive in the wood category and outdoor furniture. The deciduous hardwood tree has a high oil content making it resistant to rotting even when exposed to extreme conditions. It can be used untreated for that beautiful natural finish or finished to achieve desired look.
  • Cedar – It is a wood resistant to weathering and hence will last for decades looking great and free from decay and rotting. It becomes even more beautiful as it ages, whether painted or left unfinished. A protective oil application will however retain the rich color of the wood.
  • White pine – It resists weather making it best for outdoor furniture. It is however important to treat the wood with a protective finish to improve durability and prevent it from discoloring.
  • Wicker – It is a combination of reeds, canes and twigs woven together to create the furniture items. It can be made from rattan, willow or cane and is very unique. It is naturally very beautiful and elegant, suitable for a relaxed look for any outdoor space. Proper care and treatment will increase durability.
  • Metal – It is loved because it is easy to maintain and does not require much treating to enjoy in the outdoors. Metal is also easy to craft into desired designs and styles to match individual preferences. The most popular options are wrought iron and cast aluminum.
  • Cast aluminum – Metal molds are made from wooden models of the needed pieces to achieve the final piece. Casting is a process that has been there for a long time and it produces finely detailed pieces for your outdoors. You can be as creative as you wish to be with cast aluminum.
  • Wrought iron – It can be hammered and twisted to achieve the desired look. Instead of using molten metal as it is the case with cast iron, the iron is heated and shaped when malleable and soft into desired furniture pieces. The pieces are then fixed together to create outdoor items. It is resistant to corrosion and it can be powder coated for durability.
  • Plastic – Outdoor furniture made of plastic comes with the benefits of being inexpensive, lightweight and portable. They might however not be as durable as wood and metal. Plastic can, however withstand different elements, including rain.