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First of all, Napolite is a type of leather product. It is similar in texture and appearance to leather material. It is not leather, though. It is found in powder form and originates from the Napolite mines. It is a mineral that is part of the Sodalite group. This name is derived from the word sodium. Sodalite is usually found as large grains and are filled with white veins of calcite. The powder form of Napolite is then manufactured into a particular type of material to give it a leather-like appearance. It is considered that home crafting equipment and certain furniture products consists of fifty percent of Napolite residue.

It is widely used in the production of furniture, more specifically as the exterior of certain furniture products such as lounge suites. When you search online, you’ll find that the types of products that appear in the list include various types of home furniture such as lounge suites, dining room chairs, and seating chairs. It is a more affordable alternative to genuine leather. Leather products, as we all know, can be quite costly and we don’t always have the budget for it. Napolite leather gives you an option to have the leather-like feel and appearance without the high price tag. It is durable as it never cracks and differs much from that of PU or imitation leather.

As with leather products, you need to take good care of the Napolite products also. Be sure not to use harsh detergents as this could stain your furniture or could damage it. The use of harsh detergents could wear out the furniture surface causing it to tear or develop holes. Rather opt of milder detergents to clean theĀ Napolite furnitureĀ or simply use a damp cloth to wipe the surfaces clean. When it is dust free and clean, it tends to last longer than you would expect. However, it all depends on the environment.

To summarise, Napolite is a leather-like product that is widely used as an alternative to leather materials and is mostly used in the manufacturing of lounge suits and dining chairs. You’ll find that there are many modern furniture design options available to you at affordable prices when you decide to opt for Napolite leather as the material of choice.