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Making Of A Tiny Space

From those who share with their significant other to those who happily have their own space, I think we can all agree that our bedrooms our quite easily our safe havens. Our room to shut out the world, do what we please and of course sleep, our bedroom is arguably the room we give the most attention to in our homes after-all, for the best night’s sleep it has to be perfect.

A big bedroom with a king sized bed and an abundance of space to store all of our things is generally the room of dreams but in today’s modern homes bedrooms are not normally as big as we’d hoped. In fact in some cases many of us may get stuck with the little boxed room that seems anything but the perfect environment.

Box rooms aren’t uncommon but knowing what to do with them and how to create the best environment can often leave many of us stumped, after-all aside rom drowning in all our stuff and looking trapped, there is very little that we can do!

There is however the perfect solution to making the most out of very little space; opting for a storage bed. Whether you have had one before or never even considered one, the right storage bed can help you make the best out of any space…

  • A number of bespoke storage bed specialists can create quality single storage beds so you can have a reliable and durable bed with all the space underneath.
  • If you find yourself in a particularly small room why not maximise the space? Opt out of having a wardrobe and instead use your very own wardrobe on the floor. It might be important to in this case note that it is best to buy your bed from a specialist manufacturer to ensure that you get a quality bed that won’t break after just a few lifts. You will definitely need a durable bed.
  • If your room isn’t so small that you can have a wardrobe then use the space for additional storage. The odds are that if you are in the box room of the house then you will rarely have space for everything you would want in your room. Whether this is your shoe collection, photo albums and memories, copious amounts of beauty products or anything in between, storing it all away in your bed will ensure that you can create a open space with minimal clutter.
  • One of the worst parts of having a small bedroom is that you will often have to dust very regularly. Unlike larger rooms, dust will sit and gather far quickly and with limited air (often only a small window) it can become a very uncomfortable environment. With a storage bed and the ability to store as much as possible away, you can rest with ease knowing that if nothing else, there are far less objects and surfaces for the dust to sit on.