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Make Small Rooms Feel Larger

In addition, arrange the elements of the room in such a way as to visually open up more space. Move your furniture away from walkways so the view and the path won’t be blocked. It will loosen up the place, making you feel more comfortable. It will also keep your happy thoughts flowing for you so as to enjoy your stay in the housing Amsterdam has endowed you with. Also, to provide a clear view into the abode and out to the open areas, move the longest and largest furniture, like sofas, up against the walls. You could make use of smaller pieces, like ottomans or low tables, to accentuate larger ones and balance out the place without getting in the way, too. These will all make the area look wider, more open, and, of course, larger. Adapt your furniture to your spaces using smaller coffee tables etc to create less of a cluttered effect.

One more tip to help your space look bigger, is to keep it well-lit. Allow your little home to bask in as much light as possible, either by using natural light or man-made lighting. Get rid of frumpy curtains and open the windows to let in the light of day. Add more lamps and artificial lighting, too, for nighttime.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, on this list is the topic of ‘clutter’. There is nothing more suffocating than the sight of piles of scattered, neglected messes. This particular sight will make your home feel smaller than it really is. It could even give you the impression of living in a tiny hamster cage full of wood shavings. So, it’s extremely vital that you clean up the mess as regularly as you can. Pick up discarded clothes and put in a clothes bin or hamper and dispose of rubbish immediately. Make sure you have plenty of small paper waste bins discreetly located for convenient disposal. Also organize an effective storage system which is essential in dealing with clutter. Consider setting aside a scheduled date for “decluttering”. This will greatly improve the look and feel of your abode.