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Lounge Concepts

Retro Design Lounge Concepts

A retro design is one that is nostalgic. It is usually associated with a unique piping and buttoning detail or a mid-century appearance. Most retro designs include bold and bright colours. Retro lounge suites consist of a set of three couches, namely two 2-seaters and one 1-seater couch. Together with the modern design it can be used on its own or in a mix to form a classic look. Retro furniture is mid-century inspired and can be modernist if coupled correctly. This furniture is still available today and is sometimes called antique. It’s very classy and some antique furniture is hard to find at times. With retro lounge designs there are endless possibilities that you can make use of. Some retro furniture is big and is ideal to use as one piece on its own in the bedroom or as part of a whole lounge suite. Coupling the retro design with the modern design allows the past and future to meet in a new and unique style. The retro lounge suites are very comfortable, especially since this style is quite bulky with plenty of cushioning.

Modern Design Lounge Concepts

Modern lounges are sleek and have geometric lines that are very clean. There aren’t a lot of curves and patterns. It’s quite straight forward and plain. It includes solid colours, it is uncluttered and functional. Modern designer lounges are a perfect choice for apartment owners because it increases space and makes a room appear much larger even if there is little furniture in the room. Furniture is minimal in a modern lounge. Due to this demand, modern lounge suites are now widely available from furniture stores. Young families particularly love these décor styles, since it’s suitable for small rooms, is clutter free and easier to clean. Modern designs are now made child friendly which is ideal for family gatherings. Families can now enjoy their time together at home and have a fun time together with their children. Modern design embraces pure colours such as black, white and naturals with vibrant primary colours. Too many colours will overpower the balance of your modern lounge. Making use of art instead of accessories will help serve as a focal point and will further eliminate clutter pieces.