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Kind Toy Organizer

The finish is probably the biggest decision that you need to make. Many of the available finishes are designed to match the furniture that’s currently in a family’s home. Some of the most popular stain colors are a deep rich espresso, a warm, honey oak and a stunning cherry. Even families who are looking for an eco-friendly option have a choice in bamboo. Look for a chest with a clear, satin topcoat to protect the wood and highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

If you’re not sure which stain is right for you and you’re feeling a little adventurous, consider purchasing unfinished storage chests. However, before you apply the stain to the wood, make sure that you have a practice piece of wood so that you can test and see what the stain will look like before it’s applied to the entire surface.

One last option for parents is a hand-painted chest. While these are hand-painted so no two are exactly alike, many of them do use standard designs so they may be similar to another family’s toy organizer. It’s possible to find these chests in a variety of styles, such as sports themes or butterflies.

Some large toy boxes have the space for special details, such as an oak border. These borders are carved into a number of different designs like wildlife, bears, horses and trains. Oftentimes these borders are only available on certain wood types so make sure to ask if you want to include one of these carved borders.

Another optional item is a cedar bottom. A cedar bottom can turn a box for toys into storage chests because cedar naturally repels pests such as moths. This means that parents can store extra linens, blankets, pillows and other textiles in these storage chests once the toys are gone.

For truly personal boxes, consider having the surface engraved using laser engraving techniques. Look for an engraver who uses high-quality 300 dpi so that you’ll have an engraving that’s crisp and sharp.

If you’re not sure what you want engraved on large toy boxes, ask the company for help. Chances are good that they have a library of clip art and fonts available so that you can have a personal wooden toy chest that can’t be duplicated.

Before you decide on a final engraved design, make sure to ask for a proof of what the design will look like once it’s complete. Double check that the name is spelled right and that you’re happy with the design — once the engraving is done, it cannot be undone.