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Keep Kitchen Looking Chic

There are numerous ways to update an old and dreary kitchen. When a modern flair is what you desire, consider something like veneer wood cabinetry. This design yields to the day’s modern demands but also provides warmth in your home. Cook in style amidst nature inspired patterns. Did you know that veneer slabs have been a hot trend in Europe for decades?

Stainless steel has always added a modern quality to kitchens. From its sleek design to heavy-duty nature, you can’t go wrong with this material. You might be thinking stainless steel is only meant for appliances, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stainless steel cabinet doors outfit your cooking space with a futuristic charm.

Are you in the mood for rich, brightly painted colors splashed throughout your kitchen? Consider lacquered cabinets for a bold, modern touch. After you have painted the doors in the hue of your choice, add a few coats of high-gloss lacquer for an impossible shine. You can even take it a step further and stencil on a design to add a personal appeal.

Perhaps, bold and bright isn’t your style and you want a simpler look. Go with white kitchen cabinets and you can’t ever go wrong. Did you know that a white room encourages the sunshine to reflect into your space? Get your daily dose of vitamin D without ever going outside.

If you really want to take advantage of trendy, modernized cabinets, opt for floating shelves. In a way, these devices aren’t cabinets at all but rather freestanding platforms. This is a neat idea because you can always see what you are looking for and there are never any doors to open. It’s also a great organizational tool.

Then there is the charm of traditional stained wood styles. Now, you might be thinking that traditional isn’t what you want, however, stained wood with a hint of color adds a modern zest. This look is not only unique, it’s contemporary. You don’t have to worry about the look being over the top or not having enough pizzazz as the charm falls somewhere right in the middle.

You also have the option of only installing bottom cabinets and removing the upper models. Sort of like floating cabinets, this enables you to find just what you are looking for without having to open doors and move things around. You still have the privacy of full lower cabinets to work with. This design works great for people who do not need a lot of space for storing kitchen items and appliances.

When you desire a modern look that you can be sure nobody else will have, go for gunmetal steel cabinetry. Talk about making a bold statement in the place you enjoy your morning coffee. These cabinets are emblazoned with galvanized steel that has been hot-rolled and finished with a clear coat. Another perquisite is that this style is easy to clean with a plain, damp cloth.

Are you the type who enjoys mixing and matching? Try adding a combination of stained wood, paint, and lacquer to your kitchen cabinet scheme. Think lower levels in stained wood, upper levels in paint, and everything in the middle coated in fresh lacquer. When you use your imagination, your kitchen cabinets will be bursting with character.