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Internal Planning Permission

When changing internal walls you may also need planning permission as certain changes could easily violate the planning laws. Obviously you cannot make any alterations to a standing in your house as this would not only slowly bring your house to the ground but it would also break planning laws. Other walls which are not used for support can be removed without permission but if these walls affect any fire escape routes then you will need to get these inspected to ensure they are 100% safe.

If you plan to install a new internal wall you will probably not have to gain planning permission but you will have to adhere to strict guidelines. These guidelines involve: fire safety, sound proofing and ventilation. Details of these can be found below:

  • Fire Safety- The wall installed must be fire resistant to a reasonable standard and if you can get these details from a qualified professional who would install the wall for you.
  • Sound Proofing- If a new wall is to separate a WC from a bedroom or any other room then you will have to get make sure improved sound insulation is installed with the wall.
  • Ventilation- According to planning guidelines any new rooms need to have a certain amount of air moving in and out of the room. This can be through an opening window, extract fans or just general movement. If you are having a new bathroom or kitchen install and there is not an opening window then you are required to have an extraction fan to remove condensation and smells.