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Installing Gazebo Kits

  • Location, Location, Location. To simplify the construction process for yourself, be sure to choose a location that is level and adequate for the size of your gazebo. In addition to measuring the area to fit your gazebo’s dimensions, make sure there is enough space surrounding your gazebo to allow for necessary landscaping: mowing, weeding, edging, etc.
  • Building a Solid Foundation. Your gazebo needs a strong foundation and the rest of your construction will be greatly simplified by properly securing the floor joists of the gazebo kit. In order to do this, affix the joists to the outer rim and to the supportive center block using heavy deck screws, making sure they are spaced in accordance with the gazebo kit’s instructions.
  • Lay the Floor Panels. Gazebo kits come with pre-assembled floor panels, simplifying the process. All you need to do is lay them in place and secure them using the provided screws in accordance with the instructions. However, prior to doing this, determine whether you will need additional support underneath the floor panels; if so, bolt support posts to the floor joists before laying the flooring panels.
  • Wall it Up. As with the floor panels, gazebo kits come with pre-assembled wall panels. Decide where your entrances are going to be, then wall up the remaining areas. Do this by bolting each wall panel to the floor panel beneath it and the wall panel next to it.
  • Strengthening the Walls. These wall panels may seem a little unstable. If your gazebo kit includes gussets, pieces of wood intended to stabilize wall sections, secure these to your wall panels as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Assemble the Rafters. This process is most easily done on the ground. Simply fasten a rafter onto each side of the peak block, then secure this piece on top of the wall panels before adding the additional rafters. As with the floor joists, make sure that these rafters are securely placed, as they will be bearing significant loads.
  • Raise the Roof. Perhaps the easiest step of the construction process, installing the roof sheeting merely requires you to lift and secure the ready-cut sheeting onto the rafters.
  • Apply the Roofing Material. This step is done in two parts: covering the roof with felt and applying the shingles. Attach the roofing felt by lining it up and nailing it down. Then apply the shingles as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The Final Reveal Depending on your specific gazebo kit, your gazebo may still be lacking doors, screens, window sills, etc. Install these additional features with the help of the provided instructions, then sit back and admire your work!