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You have a variety of material options to choose from including those aluminum products that are probably already up on the side of your home. However, vinyl tends to be the best option overall. If you are looking for a product that is going to last for years, this is the option. It is easy to maintain and affordably priced, too.

Next, realize that putting these up is not just about attaching the gutters to the home and calling it done. Rather, you need to create a system that is going to push water away from the home. You’ll need to determine how and where you want that water to flow. Then, you need to create the right flow pattern to make it happen. Where will the downspouts go and where will they take the water?

The next consideration for this system is the attachment process. Do you need to put up new backing? You may need to replace the fascia too, especially if it has become damaged from pests or water damage. If that’s the case, you’ll need to change the plan to include this.

Next, think about the fall. That is, when it is autumn, do you really want to be back up here cleaning out the system? If you take care of installing a leaf guard product now, you will be able to forever forget about cleaning out the gutters, unless there is a problem.

Before you commit to a system, you need to know how the installation will occur. Some companies will build the pieces onsite whereas others deliver them complete. You’ll need to know that cleanup, including every nail that lands in the grass, is going to get cleaned up for you.