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Dual Purpose Furniture

Using an Extra Mattress as a Daybed or Sofa

If you have an overabundance of furniture, it can be tough to know what to do with it. For young couples that may have an extra mattress but no spare guest room, it can be repurposed as a daybed or sofa. Positioning the mattress against a wall and purchasing some throw pillows, can create a comfortable and convenient space for sitting and relaxing. Now when you have a guest who needs somewhere to sleep, all you have to do is switch the pillows.

Ottoman as a Small Coffee Table and Storage

Fortunately these pieces are easy to find, affordable and extremely useful. Ottomans that have a removable top with a flat wood surface on the bottom can be used as storage, as a foot rest, as extra seating or as a small table for wine and cheese. Not only are these pieces smart-looking and fitting for any home, they’re comfortable and can hold a good amount of storage items. Consider these for your children’s room as a place to sit and store their toys. Since dual-purpose ottomans have become increasingly popular, they’re available in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes and colors.

Litter-box End Table

Owning a cat can be a real joy, but the litter-box you keep in your laundry room or bathroom is an eyesore. For the pet lover whose looking to forever discard the stand-alone litter-box, you might consider an end table specifically designed for litter-box storage. With the right amount of detergent to keep it smelling fresh, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice it.

Drawers in the Stairs

Though stairs aren’t technically furniture, they take up a large portion of the house and have the potential to be utilized in other ways. For those who have an exceedingly large collection of books or things they can’t find a permanent place for, having your stairs also serve as pullout storage drawers can be a lifesaver. Since this feature is rarely installed into pre-existing apartments and houses, it’d be a project you’d need to undertake in your own purchased home. The clean and uncluttered look you can achieve from storing items in the stairs will astound you. Now you can completely de-clutter and organize the bookcase that’s been long overrun. There are plenty of unique and useful design options out there to fit a storage staircase in your home.