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Dryer Rebates

Why is natural gas the right way to go? First, it’s been proven that natural gas dryers can make clothes dry faster than their electric counterparts. As a result, you’ll save more energy by having the appliance turn on less. In general, it will cost less to run each month than electric counterpart. While buying this type of model may cost more up front, the money you will get to save in the future will make the purchase more than worth it. Besides, you can get dryer rebates for making the switch, saving you hundreds of dollars when you make the initial purchase. You’ll be doing a great service to the environment as well as taking the pressure off your monthly electric bill.

Still not sold? Did you know that when you use electrical appliances, only thirty percent of the energy used to generate the electricity is able to reach your home? As a result, seventy percent of that energy is wasted along the way. Natural gas, however, is the same gas that enters the pipelines of your home, so little energy is actually wasted. Only ten percent of it actually gets lost in the process. It also emits up to fifty percent fewer of carbon emissions than a home that uses electric appliances. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and do a great service to planet Earth. Also, eighty five percent of natural gas is from the United States, so it helps us reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. It’s also a resource that helps create jobs for more Americans, so by making the switch, you’re helping invest in an industry that will benefit your peers.