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Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is used as a blanket term that describes the various methods and techniques of treating damp problems. These come in all shapes and sizes and can affect each building differently, hence the reason for the standard ‘damp proofing’ term used.

Most often, damp proofing is more a means of water proofing an area of wall that has issues of recurring damp. This protective barrier is installed within the property at points that are most at risk of the damp.

So damp proofing is there to prevent further damage and provide a shield against damp, but why is that so important to us?

The truth is that without adequate intervention, a serious damp issue can cause some real long term negative effects to your home. The mortar and other material can literally start to decay, making parts of the property especially vulnerable.

With damp proofing in place, the moisture is stopped from passing anymore into cracks and crevices within the structure. This means that many damage associated with damp problems, such as dry rot and rising damp are eliminated. There are many professional services that specialise in damp proofing in every type of building. They will be more than happy to assist in ridding you of the unsightly mark of damp, as well as the smell that sometimes comes with it.

We all want to live in a safe environment and may not think much of a stain or damp spot on the wall. It may have been there when you moved in. you may have painted over it a few times, only to see it reappear. The problem with damp is that it will not just disappear. There is usually a problem that needs rectified by professional help.

It is always best to be cautious in these situations and call in an expert to check out the damp marks. It may be more extensive than you realise. It will save you a lot of stress and money if you deal with it now, rather than further down the line, when the damp can become out of control.