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Cotton Bedspreads

Home decor is an art and those who are well versed in it enjoy decorating their homes. But believe you me this art of home decor is not a rocket science. Let’s elaborate it with an example. Bedroom is a key space in our homes and needs to be given special attention. There are certain rules that must be followed in every household. To begin with the room must be kept clean. One must make sure that every nook and corner of the room should be dust free. People generally neglect the area beneath the bed and over a period of time lot of dust and dirt accumulates there, which could be the cause of the allergic infections. The show pieces and the pictures hung on the wall too need to be dusted off and on. The windows must be kept open for some time once a day so that lots of fresh air gets inside and its good to have direct sun rays as well.

Keeping in tune with the colors on the wall one should go for one’s bed linen. There should be a good stock of bed sheets. There are all kinds of fitted and flatbed sheets available in the market in different thread counts. According to personal choice, and the type of the bed being used, selection can be done. It’s better to go in for bed sheets with pillowcases. Every time you change the bed sheet the coordinating pillow cases must be changed. It is not advisable to wash the pillows or duvet regularly as washing them frequently deforms their shape, softness and warmth. The cleaning regimen weather washing in the domestic machine or dry cleaning should be done on annual basis. The pillow covers and the duvet covers come very handy here as once they are soiled they can be washed and cleaned without the fear of losing their fineness.

When the bed is not in use it is advisable to throw a bed cover or a bed spread on top of the bed. Though both of them work as a bed protector but there is a slight difference between these two. The bed cover partially covers the bed whereas the bed spread covers the bed from head to foot and usually falls till the floor. There are all kinds of bedspreads available these days. One can use pure cotton bed spreads, or with a little padding the quilted bedspreads or the luxury bed spreads. It’s a scientifically proven fact that colors play a great role as mood regulator. Purchasing a good stock of bed spreads and throws in beautiful vibrant colors would be an intelligent investment.