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Choose Wooden Display Units

When selecting a wooden display unit, the sizes depend on the product that the display unit is going to support. For heavier items, the shelving should be more durable and sturdy in order to safely support the weight of the items being placed on the shelves. These can come in three, four, or five tiered units. Some are bookcase-style with a wood-hutch type style which have a limited number of styles from which to choose. The bookcase-style models start around $199 and go upwards of $850.

There are other styles which have small stackable wooden box-style units which can be arranged in many different formats to display the goods. There are different forms and heights from which to choose to give a more interesting display format for the products. These are often used in pottery shops or merchants which have a variety of candies, condiments, spices, or other containers of food items. These also come in a variety of colors and types of wood. Look for models which are durable and can support the weight of the products being displayed. Depending on the size, and number of stackable units, they range from $700 upwards of $3,000.

One of the great varieties of wooden shelves is a barrel-style display which ranges in size from the smaller 24″ wide barrels stackable in six shelves and the slightly larger five shelve 24″ side barrel-style shelves. These are great for stacking bulk candy or a variety of novelty items and are a great addition to any shop. These range around $270 to $400. There are also a variety of two and three barrel-style shelves that are perfect for countertops. These generally range from $120 to $300 styles.