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Choose a Handmade Bed

An excellent reason to order a Wooden Bed from a craftsman is the fact the whole process can be over seen. Those in the workshop can make sure great care is taken from start to finish of the manufacturing process. This ensures the highest quality product comes out as the end result. Handmade beds also use the best quality materials. While a mass produced bed may be cheaper to buy, the price is a reflection on the quality of the bed frame and the resources used. Because these bed frames use these high quality materials, then they’re more durable, and therefore longer lasting. This also means you’re a lot less likely to experience problems which you may encounter with a bed that’s been made in mass production by a machine. A common issue which can be found with these mass made beds is they can often be squeaky and wobbly. This is compared to a bed frame which has been made with care, which will stand solidly, offering excellent support, without any wobble.

With us on average spending one third of our lifetime in bed, it’s vital we make the right choice during the bed buying decision. The great thing about a handmade frame, is it can create the opportunity for bespoke sizes, and alterations of the buyer’s choice. Whether this is a change of colour, lower legs or a higher headboard, the majority of companies that make their beds by hand will happily offer this customization. This is something that certainly wouldn’t be possible with other types of beds. So, why buy something which isn’t quite right when you can create something you love? A great thing about the ability of these custom alterations is your bed will be unique to you. It won’t be something that’s mass produced, and is ‘off the shelf’. You can sleep knowing it was something you designed, and it’s exactly what you wanted.

Beds that are made in this way tend to be a lot more environmentally friendly than those made in a factory. Bespoke bed companies tend to use timber which is sustainably sourced, that is FSC approved. This means what you’re buying isn’t a product which is harming the forests. It’s also found that the timber used within these beds contain zero harmful preservatives which tend to be found within other heavily treated wood. With the majority of these beds being made locally, you know that not only are you supporting a local business, but you’re also buying something that’s been produced right here on your doorstep.