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Checking Homes Air Vent Filters

It is as important on the environment as recycling, using lower watt light bulbs and even as using alternative methods to driving. Making sure the passages of a home’s air conditioning and heating system is clear and delivering the air as it was designed to is one small thing in contributing to the environment. Not to mention how it can help health wise.

Some researchers state that cleaning the air ducts in a home isn’t that important. However, they will agree that there seems to be a connection between duct work that has been neglected and the medical issues of those inside the home such as allergies, asthma, dizziness and headaches. The industry standards suggest having duct work cleaned every five to seven years. For many people, it is common sense that whatever is in the duct work is blowing out through the vents only to be breathed in by the occupants.

The process of cleaning a duct system isn’t that complicated but does require special equipment and should always be performed by a certified, insured and licensed contractor. Upon arrival, the contract will do a visual inspection throughout the home. Checking the air conditioner, dryer vent, furnace, etc. The contractor is looking for debris, dirt, dust build up as we as any signs of rodent activity such as droppings and hair.

They are also looking for mold or any excessive moisture. A home’s duct system should have some light moisture. Anything excessive could indicate defective seals, a leak or other possible failure. Excess moisture may not be a problem right then, but if left alone, can lead to other problems and mold. Having mold in the duct work, the air is blowing it out into the house and the occupants are breathing it in. This could be the culprit for the allergies, dizziness and headaches.

The contractor will then cover carpet, furniture and other items then begin work. Then accessing the inner duct work, they will clean the debris, dust and other pollutants with high powered vacuum cleaners. The amount of particles that escape into the air is cut down dramatically with these HEPA cleaners. They will then use scrubbing tools to get any debris still stuck in the duct work. Often a sanitizer and mold prevention product is used at this point.