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Bean Bags

Bean bags are constructed out of a number of materials. What is on the outside can be leather, knitted material or fabric. But don’t get distracted by the name. These chairs are not actually filled with beans or peas. They are filled with materials that are produced by men (Styrofoam or polystyrene beads).

The most popular product of this type is the bean bag chair. It is normally fabricated out of vinyl or leather, but it can also be made out of polyester, cotton, nylon or fur. The best part about it is that it curves on the back of the user without being extremely ergonomic. This type of chairs began to gain popularity in the 60’s, and they can be bought at the stores even today for kids or young adults. There are also tinier versions which can be utilized as pillows.

Imagine that there are smaller versions of the bean bag which are used for juggling. The main reason for this is that they can be easy to maneuver and they don’t weigh a lot. And the sound they make when they hit the juggler’s hand is great, when it comes to developing the right rhythm when juggling many items at the same time. Foot bags can also be juggled, but they are meant to be kicked and not thrown. In terms of foot bagging, the persons who do this gather up in a circle and use their body, without hands to maintain the foot bag in the air. And they are also supposed to do some interesting tricks while doing that.

Steps To Spray Paint Furniture

Select furniture

It is important to avoid upholstery when painting wood furniture. If you are dealing with outdoor furniture, you will need to find a paint that is moisture resistant as well as provide sun protection. They are some of the things that make furniture selection important. Some items and materials are best left to the professionals to paint so get your selection right.

Remove hardware

They include handles and knobs. They are easy to remove by unscrewing but will depend on what items you are about to paint. The drawers can be removed too to be painted differently before reassembling is done after complete drying of the parts.

Cover other objects and areas

Spray paint is made up of tiny particles easy to settle on surrounding surfaces as you spray. This makes it important to keep such areas and objects well covered to make sure you don’t end up staining them with paint. Drop clothes, masking tape and newspapers can be used to offer the needed protective cover to the objects and surfaces.

Sand and clean the furniture

Sanding will get rid of rough edges on your furniture and cleaning will remove the sawdust left after the sanding. A soft cloth should be good enough since this kind of cleaning does not need wetting. Cleaning with water can penetrate the wood leading to damage.

Practice painting

This should be done on a scrap object or a cardboard piece to jumpstart your skills.

Apply primer and then the paint

Primer should be applied first in light coats ensuring complete furniture coverage. It helps in achieving a glossy smooth finish at the end of the painting. After it has dried, you can then spray paint on the furniture.


First of all, Napolite is a type of leather product. It is similar in texture and appearance to leather material. It is not leather, though. It is found in powder form and originates from the Napolite mines. It is a mineral that is part of the Sodalite group. This name is derived from the word sodium. Sodalite is usually found as large grains and are filled with white veins of calcite. The powder form of Napolite is then manufactured into a particular type of material to give it a leather-like appearance. It is considered that home crafting equipment and certain furniture products consists of fifty percent of Napolite residue.

It is widely used in the production of furniture, more specifically as the exterior of certain furniture products such as lounge suites. When you search online, you’ll find that the types of products that appear in the list include various types of home furniture such as lounge suites, dining room chairs, and seating chairs. It is a more affordable alternative to genuine leather. Leather products, as we all know, can be quite costly and we don’t always have the budget for it. Napolite leather gives you an option to have the leather-like feel and appearance without the high price tag. It is durable as it never cracks and differs much from that of PU or imitation leather.

As with leather products, you need to take good care of the Napolite products also. Be sure not to use harsh detergents as this could stain your furniture or could damage it. The use of harsh detergents could wear out the furniture surface causing it to tear or develop holes. Rather opt of milder detergents to clean the Napolite furniture or simply use a damp cloth to wipe the surfaces clean. When it is dust free and clean, it tends to last longer than you would expect. However, it all depends on the environment.

To summarise, Napolite is a leather-like product that is widely used as an alternative to leather materials and is mostly used in the manufacturing of lounge suits and dining chairs. You’ll find that there are many modern furniture design options available to you at affordable prices when you decide to opt for Napolite leather as the material of choice.

Rattan Garden Furniture Is A Good Choice

It has aesthetic appeal that is very unique

A garden set that is made from this material tends to be very classy and special and adds great natural beauty to your garden. The natural beauty makes it easy to blend with a natural garden surrounding and ends up looking like a part of it and not just another addition.

It is durable

When choosing any kind of furniture, everyone looks at the durability and rattan is one of the durable materials you can find. Naturally, it might not be weather proof but it has exceptional durability if you protect it from harmful elements. To enjoy your set more, you can store it away when not in use or when the weather is harsh or use a protective garden cloth on your pieces to offer them the much needed protection.

It comes in a variety of designs and styles

Rattan is very flexible and for this reason it can be shaped as desired. You can choose garden sets that you find suitable for your garden or have unique designs created just for your garden. You can combine any style concept and decide how big you want the pieces to be.

It is lightweight but strong

The lightweight nature of the outdoor furniture makes it easy to move from one location to another as might be required and you will actually have an easy time storing the furniture away when the weather is not that friendly. However, even with its lightweight nature, you can still trust in the strength and sturdiness of the material.

It is easy to maintain

Rattan does not come with too much care and maintenance demands. You can simply clean using a damp cloth and vacuum your garden set every once in a while to keep it looking impeccable. Remember that moisture can damage it, hence the need to use only a damp cloth and not pour water onto your set when cleaning. Alternatively, you can have a waterproof cover made for your set to offer the much needed protection.

It is affordable

Rattan is relatively inexpensive compared to outdoor furniture materials such as solid wood. For this reason, you will love creating an inviting, comfortable and classy outdoor area even if you are on a tight budget.

Find Furniture Repair Services

  1. Conduct a local search

Furniture repairs are of course best handled by professionals nearest to you. This is because they will have an easy time finding their way to where you are for on-site repairs or you will have an easier time transporting the damaged or broken items to the furniture store for repairs.

  1. Compare several service providers

This is important in giving you confidence in the repair company or handyman you are about to hire to handle your items. The reputation and experience as well as the repair costs are some of the things you should consider when making the comparison. Settle only for services you feel you can completely trust.

  1. Consider the repair services offered

This is important because there are handymen who offer repairs only on specific furniture and materials while others will basically handle any kind of furniture and material for that matter. The best is a service provider who can handle practically any item regardless of the material it is made of. This way, you will be taken care of even with any future repair needs that might arise.

  1. Get recommendations and referrals

The search for the best handyman can be tricky, especially when you are limited by time to have the repairs done. You can use friends and family to direct you to the best carpenters or furniture stores from where you can enjoy the services you truly deserve fast and easy. Referrals will not only make it easier for you to make a decision but will also keep you off unreliable providers.

  1. Consider the repair costs

They will basically be determined by the length of damage your furniture is suffering from. However, most service providers have standard charges for different kinds of repairs. Looking at the repair costs is not only important in helping you select the best services, but can also greatly help in determining whether repairing is the best way to go over replacing the item.

Get Padded Table Protectors

This is the primary reason why customers opt for padded table protectors. This padding helps a great deal in safeguarding your expensive furniture from a large number of daily hazards, which include random scratches, spilling of liquids on the wooden surface, damage from moisture, constant dust settlement and warping due to extreme heat.

Padded table protectors prevent your tables from being seriously damaged by preventing scratches. The pads used in such protectors are thickly padded with a material that allows a firm surface to place items on, while making sure that friction does not result in the deterioration of the surface finish.

The topmost layer of protector consists of a water-resistant fabric, which plays a crucial role for the primary protection of your table against potential water damage caused due to accidental spills or leaks. This is especially important, since this is a frequent occurrence in household gatherings. The liquid constituting the drink can seep into the wood of the table and begin to weaken it internally. This can end up attracting termites, mold and mildew, which can destroy the table, if left unattended.

These covers also come with a layer of insulation and a top covering of vinyl. This covering not only adds a smooth finish, but also acts as an extremely effective protector against damage caused by heat. A sudden spilling of ash from a cigarette may leave an unsightly burn mark on an otherwise pristine table finish.

Choose Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Seat Height

It’s important that you choose home office furniture that is adjustable. Your chair should come with a pneumatic adjustment lever that allows you to customize the height for your comfort. Ideally, you should be working at a seat height that ranges from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor. This will allow you to have your feet flat on the floor with your thighs horizontal and your arms even with the height of the desk.

Seat Depth and Width

Your chair should be deep and wide enough to seat anyone comfortably. The standard is 17 to 20 inches wide, but you can find customized ones. The distance from the front to the back of the seat should be long enough that the user can sit with his or her back up against the backrest of the chair while leaving space between the back of the knees and the chair. You should also be able to tilt yourself forward and backward with another lever.

Lumbar Support

This is one of the most crucial areas of selecting good home office furniture. The spine is an inward curve, so sitting for long periods of time without supporting this curve can lead to slouching, and it strains the structures in the lower spine. A great piece of furniture will have a lumbar adjustment that allows you to get the proper fit to support that curve in your back.


Your backrest should be about 12 to 19 inches wide. It needs to be able to support the natural curve of the spine. This part should also have a locking mechanism to secure it from going too far backward.

Seat Material

The material on your chair should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. It’s ideal to have a cloth fabric that breathes. A harder surface will undoubtedly be less comfortable.

Furniture Consignment


If you are unsure what furniture consignment entails, we will go over the basic definition of these transactions. Before we delve further, it is important to note that these types of transactions can be used on any sort of item, not just home decor pieces. These stores function through the transfer of possession, not ownership – which is an important feature to note. If or when that item sells, you still maintain ownership and are entitled to a portion of the sales. The terms of these agreements are hashed out on an individual basis.

Benefits for the Buyer

Stores using consignment are some of the best spots to buy home pieces. This is because the prices are set low and designed for quick sales. The object is to move objects as quickly as possible so more inventory can be taken in. This obviously increases the profits of the shop, since they do not pay for the pieces they sell. With this in mind, you can go into a furniture consignment shop and find some stellar deals! All of the pieces are somebody else’s, and each owner has his or her own agreements with the shop. If employees are having trouble selling a piece, they might cut a deal on the amount of profit they take in so they can get it out quickly. If the piece doesn’t sell after a specified amount of time, it is returned to the owner. Alternately, ownership may be transferred to the store, depending on the terms of the original agreement.

Benefits for the Seller

These shops offer sellers a quick and easy way to get rid of home pieces. You could drag your couches out to the curb, give them away, or hope you get twenty bucks for them, or you could take them to a furniture consignment shop and get paid for a piece someone else sells for you. You may not make as much money this way, but if you need to get rid of something fast, this is your best bet. As outlined above, you’ll enter an agreement with the shop, and every week or so that the item doesn’t sell, the price will drop. Eventually it will be returned to you, or the store will keep it, depending on your initial agreement.

Home Office Lighting

Lighting has an important role when it comes to defining every room in a house. It becomes much more important in rooms such as the kitchen and the home office. Functionality should be at par with aesthetics if you have to make a wise decision in lighting. Remember that a poorly-lit setting can have a demoralizing effect. It won’t just hurt your vision but could also create a stressful environment for you.

As much as possible, usher in some sunlight. While you may feel that natural light can cause glaring as you work on your computer, it pays to have some amount of sunlight into your home. Solar light is not such a bad thing if you are able to control it. Glossy surfaces can be a cause for concern at times but artificial illumination can never overcome the amount of light that the sun brings.

To make this whole natural light thing work, then be sure to play with angles. A huge part of natural light utilization depends on what kind of work you will do in your home office. If you are a designer or an architect who has to focus on paper work and drawings on sheets, then you can go ahead and flood your room with natural light.

For techie people, on the other hand, task lighting is most apt. The smartest decision that you can make is to align your work desk on the northernmost or southernmost part of the room so that the sun will not cause shadows to appear during the day.

Corrective lighting can be set up as you install LED lighting behind your monitors. This is an effective way to prevent migraines and eye strain, even stress. This kind of lighting is the answer to the bright glare that comes from computer screens and other technical gadgets.

It becomes twice as important to have artificial lights if your area is blessed with plenty of natural light. Overhead lighting is a fundamental part of ambient lighting. Recessed lights can also take care of the job. Any existing ambient lighting, take note, is not designed to illuminate a home office so it is best that you search for other forms of lighting especially for your workstation.

Task lights need not be boring, though. No matter what kind of task you have to finish in your home office, you can make use of trendy task lighting. Your choices include contemporary lamp designs. There is also an amazing array of decorative lamps that can focus on specific areas. You can also install dimmers for your home office since not all tasks ask for the same light intensity. Modern wall sconces and pendants offer the best alternative in decluttering workstations. These lighting fixtures can make your home office appear sleeker by providing it with an airier appeal.

Wicker Indoor Furniture

Wicker is a product made of woven vines or stems. Many believe that this material is of Scandinavian origin because it comes from the word wika meaning to bend. In Swedish, it comes from the word vikker which means willow. The most utilized material in the country, though, is the rattan vine. This has been so for the past 150 years.

Where quality materials are harvested and the vines are properly woven, wicker indoor furniture should be able to last a century (even more). There are some wicker antiques that date all the way back to the Victorian period which are still in use today. The oldest known, surviving wicker furniture pieces come from the Egyptian empire. The pieces include wig boxes, chests, chairs and hassocks.

Wicker Rattan Furniture is a kind of material that you can use indoors, right inside your beautiful sunroom. This material offers a natural and comfortable look which is difficult to find in many materials.

There are many pieces that can be bought including sofas, chairs, loveseats, side tables and coffee tables. There are sets that match and some that contrast magnificently. Just add a few potted plants in your sunroom, some colorful cushions, a few decorative nature-based accessories and your theme will be a huge success.

Wicker is not as delicate as it looks so it is quite easy to maintain. This does not mean that you have to be lax when it comes to caring for it, though. Leave it uncared for for too long and you’d end up losing a sturdy, beautiful piece.

Wicker furniture care takes little but regular cleaning. You can dust the furniture daily and vacuum it during the weekends. When using the vacuum, make sure that you also clean the hard-to-reach areas.

It is also important to use a mild, soapy solution to clean wicker furniture twice each month. Do not splash the water onto the furniture, instead, just use the suds to wipe clean small portions of the wicker furniture. To reach the crevices, use a toothbrush so that molds and mildew will not develop. Be sure to wipe any wet area with a dry cloth.

To care for wicker, you would also need a humidifier/dehumidifier to maintain the levels of humidity inside your home. This is important so that your wicker pieces will remain flexible.