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About High Gloss Furniture Finishes

Since the Chinese have leveled the rainforests of Burma illegally in order to provide enough wood for their furniture manufacturers, their insistence on lowering other costs has made imported furniture cheap but of extremely poor quality. On such wood, the higher gloss finishes crack, mist, haze, chip and peel, and so most manufacturers have elected to stop offering gloss finish on their wood.

Moving to a lower gloss finish doesn’t change the poor quality of the wood underneath it, and it is time for people to quit being fooled by ‘good looks.’ Chintzy sprayed on finish in a low gloss compound may look better in the short term, but it is badly affected by sunlight, use, water and humidity, and without much friction will rub off in ugly ways.

Heavily manufactured items from overseas have no regard for the quality of properly processed, hand sanded, hand rubbed gloss finishes. The fact that most Americans have these better pieces in their homes from earlier years, means that the industry can force a country wide change in furniture because pieces no longer work together. Families are now buying ‘piece meal’ instead of in sets, because the industry has made furniture in such poor quality.

Unhappy customers? You bet!!! While they make pieces that put on a pretty face, even interest free loans for this crummy furniture means that you’ll still be paying long after the furniture is junk, even when it is ‘on sale!’ When you are looking at pieces of furniture, be sure you look underneath. Glues, machining marks, finish drips and chintzy staples are some of the signs that this furniture is very poorly made. You might discover that parts that should be hardwood, dovetailed and nailed are particle board, stub joined and glued.

Bring a small piece of your current furniture with you when you purchase. A knob, drawer or trim piece will help you decide if these new cheap finishes will even work with your current collection. Look for crazing, uneven finish, drips or scratches.

Selecting Transitional Coffee Table For Home


The first step to selecting a right coffee table would be choosing a location which will simplify the selection of black table. Look for how it affects the surrounding furniture. Transitional coffee tables with an airy base can accommodate stacks of books and various magazines.


The style should be selected in accordance to the style prevalent in the room and the style followed by other furniture. Store newspapers and magazines in a basket underneath the table or nearby to keep the surface uncluttered, or consider a trunk-style table that can store any number of things – from extra cushions and throws to books and board games. Stash baskets, trunks and old suitcases under simple legged Tea tables to ground spaces that are otherwise too open. The space between the sofa and table should be kept to a minimum; otherwise the table will appear to float in the middle of the room. Also, drinks and books should be within easy reach from the sofa.It is helpful to carry some snapshots of your existing living room furniture with you on your way to shopping to help visualize the possible combinations. If you wish to go for traditional style, go for hardwood solid or brass whereas the contemporary tea tables are crafted from stone, leather or glass.


Transitional coffee tables should be the same height as the surrounding seating with 18 inches being a good average. The size should be decided keeping in mind the size of the room and the scale of surrounding furnishings. There should be ease of movement around the table.


The color should be picked considering the seating, other furniture in the room, and the décor theme of the room. A color with an upholstered coffee table will definitely draw people to the surrounding sofas. Top it up with a tray to hold various items to soften a strong color.

Extra Features

Using a vintage object for a coffee table adds a bit of history. Make sure the piece is stable and all the connections are secure. Another factor to be considered is to check how it will sit on the floor or rug and whether it will damage the surfaces. Rusty metal bases can scratch or stain the flooring. It is highly important to choose the fabric wisely. Outdoor fabrics are smart.

Install A Hanging Hammock Chair

There are many ways in which you can install the unit. If you are planning of installing the unit on exposed wooden beams such as patio cover, gazebo or ceiling, you are on the lucky side as you won’t have to look for beams thus you will have an easy time hanging the unit.

All you need to do is to install the hook into the center of the beam until only the curved part of the hook is exposed. You should then hang a chain from the hook and suspend the unit from the chain using an “S” hook. For ideal results you should leave about 6″ of chain hanging free.

If you are going to install the hanging hammock chair on hidden wooden beams or rafters such as porches and ceilings, you should start by locating the hidden beams by tapping them lightly on the ceiling.

You should locate the center of the beam and install the unit as you would when installing it on the exposed wooden beams.

Are you planning of installing the unit on cement or adobe ceiling? You should start by drilling a hole into the cement and then apply an adhesive mixture into it. You should then insert a lead plug into the hole and tap it lightly with a hammer.

Finally, you should screw a straight hook into the lead plug and allow the adhesive to cure.

Care starts from the moment when you are hanging the unit. When hanging the unit always ensure that the loops and suspension arms are straight.

You also need to regularly wash the unit. There are two ways you can clean the unit: hand and machine. To clean the units you need to remove the seat from the bar and tie the ends together in order to prevent tangling. You should then wash the hanging hammock chair, rinse, and hang it to dry.

To avoid injuring yourself you should regularly inspect all the points of suspension and attachment for any signs of wear. If you notice anything unusual you should discontinue using the unit.

Importance of Furniture in Any Home

While you are in the process of choosing furniture, it is extremely important to choose functional and timeless pieces that can easily fit in your space and also your budget. Choose from the modern and contemporary as well as the traditional furniture. This will help you to have some variety in your household which can be very fun and interesting at times.

Furniture surely can improve the quality of your life. This is done by increasing the productivity, quality of your work and also the focus. Some important points have been stated below.

  • Furniture contributes a lot in improving the visual appearance of your household.
  • It helps in making the workspace more positive.
  • The furniture that is placed in an office can supply copious organization compartments and can also be very functional.
  • Furniture can provide a variety of features and color options. This depends on your existing mood and the colors that you like.

Office furniture is an integral part of any household. While choosing office furniture, one must take into account the fact that many people will be sitting and working on this furniture. Thus, an informed and well-thought decision must be taken in order to provide the best possible comfort to the employees or workers. This can help you a lot in the long run as it can improve or increase the productivity of the company.

After chairs there are desks and these can be described as the second most important component of an office or a company. These desks will fit a computer, files, writing utensils, books and a lot of papers. There must be sufficient space on the table. If proper space is not given to the workers, they will feel much cluttered and all the important documents will be lost. The productivity will also decrease as they will not be able to work comfortably.

Shoe Rack

The best part of having a shoe rack is that your footwear can be kept in an arranged way instead of littering your house. It can change the feel of your home with an organized arrangement. It provides you numerous advantages, some of them are listed below:

  • Maintains quality of your footwear: If your shoes are scattered here and there in the living area. Then, you may step on them, and it may damage their shape and detailing. Every time you trample on them, you often ruin their quality. However, your shoes will last longer when they are placed in a safe place. A perfectly crafted shoe rack maintains the quality of them. It provides you a safe place to accommodate an array of shoes.
  • Provides an easy access to a right pair: It allows you to arrange a large number of footwear in an organized way. If you keep your footwear on its shelves, then you can quickly get the right pair of shoes whenever you are in a hurry.
  • Provides an inviting look: You can avoid spreading of dirt in your hallway by placing a shoe storage unit at the entrance of your home. It will give an inviting look to your guests or visitors. Moreover, they will have an ideal space to put off their shoes.

If you have a perfectly crafted shoe rack in your home, you can accommodate a large number of shoes in a well-arranged manner. Shoe racks come in several styles and designs, some of them are listed below:

  • Shoe storage bench: It offers you storage as well as seating space. It has a flat top that provides you comfortable space to sit when you are putting on or off your footwear. It is perfect for your home’s entryway or hallway.
  • Shoe storage rack: It is the most popular type of shoe rack. It comes in a set of shelves that sit close to the floor and provides enough space to keep several pairs of shoes.
  • Shoe cabinet: It comes with a sliding or double-drop doors. It offers the best way to hide a large number of shoes.
  • Additional Storage: Shoe racks also come with additional storage such as drawers to keep socks and shoe shine kit. It is the best way to make a clutter-free environment in your home.


Care For Cane Furniture

  • Keep cane furniture from hot areas and low humidity areas. The conditions can make the cane too dry hence brittle and easily breakable. They should be kept away from direct sunlight as well as heater ducts. Furniture polish that is high in oil content can be used to dust the furniture to keep the cane supple.
  • Use the chairs with care when sitting. It is important to distribute your weight evenly when sitting to avoid breaking the cane strands. Any use of the chair that can lead to such breakages should be avoided at all costs. They include kneeling on the seat or using the chair as a step stool or ladder.
  • Revive stretched and sagging strands that are not broken by applying a wet warm cloth on the underside of the seat when it is upside down and letting it stay overnight. After drying, the strands will shrink to give you a tight seating area. The treatment works by removing pressure off the wooden edges inside. Cane has elastic properties, hence the sagging is very normal.
  • Throw in a cushion or chair pad to prolong cane seat life. The pad or cushion works by ensuring that weight is evenly distributed reducing the pressure on individual strands. The less pressure there is, the longer your seat will last.
  • Maintain cleanliness by cleaning dirt and grime with wood soap or a mild detergent. Warm water, soft bristle brush and a cloth are all you need to clean the seats thoroughly. It is best to allow the seats to dry on a windy warm day to eliminate chances of mildew and mold setting which can stain and damage the cane. Enough time should be allowed for complete drying before use. It will prevent the cane from stretching out of shape.
  • If your furniture has mildew and mold, use warm soapy water and bleach to clean out the growths. Rinsing should follow before proper outdoor drying under the sun is done. Use of bleach should be used with care not to spill to the wooden frame.
  • Avoid storing your cane furniture in areas with high humidity or wet areas prone to mildew and mold. The storage area should have enough air circulation and should be dry.
  • Repair your cane furniture as soon as you start seeing damage such as strand breakage. The fact is the strands can be woven to revive your seat, making it look as good as new. With proper care, however, you will have fewer repairs to worry about.

Benefits Customised Sofa

Whether a long day at the office, a busy day running a million and one errands or a day at home taking a long earned break; our sofas are where we congregate, put our feet up and relax, so why not consider going bespoke…

  • Unique – Mass produced sofas are great but going bespoke means that you can have something that truly compliments your room. From the material to the style of finishing’s, what you get is something truly unique and original to your taste.
  • Size – Not all homes are the same which is why for many homeowners, finding a sofa that actually fits a room perfectly is incredibly difficult. Opting to design your own sofa means you get exactly what you want and ultimately a piece that fits into your home perfectly, regardless of the shape and size you require.
  • Control – Ever spotted a piece of furniture and thought “that would be great… if I could only remove that finish/change the material”. It is rare to walk into a store and immediately find the perfect piece which results in an endless number of hours spent searching for the perfect item only to have to settle for second best. By designing your own furniture you get complete control; from the material to fabric to finishes; designers will use only what you want and where you want it… how is that not perfect?
  • Price – When it comes to buying furniture naturally you will have a budget in mind however it is often difficult to find something that is in fact well within your budget and exactly what you want. Tying in with the above points, when you opt for a bespoke furniture you pay for a piece that is perfect but not only that, in the hands of the right company and right designers you can tailor your sofa to actually meet your budget and even save money too! Designers will discuss the different materials and fabrics and the costs so you can create the perfect sofa that not only suits your personal style but your wallet.


New vs Used Mattresses

A Closer Look at Used Beds

Upholstered furniture can hold a slew of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. While the item may look clean from a distance, it may be harboring some unhygienic microorganisms in its fibers. One of the biggest problems with used mattresses is the presence of bed bugs. These tiny, flat wingless insects will hide out of sight during the day and may remain hidden until it’s too late. Once you’ve brought the contaminated item in your home, it can be difficult to control an infestation.

Pesky pests are not the only things you have to worry about when it comes to used mattresses. If the pre-owned bed is more than 10 years old, it’s likely to sag and will not provide the support your body needs for a good night’s rest. If your bed is not up to par, you could spend the night tossing and turning. Not only will you wake up tired and irritable, but you may also have to deal with stiffness and soreness due to a lack of support. A comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation are the keys to good sleep health.

A New Bed and Your Health

Most people spend nearly a third of their lives in their beds. Therefore, purchasing the right mattress is a major decision you should not take lightly. The right bed can provide a number of health benefits, including a healthier immune system. A lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on your immune system, which makes you highly susceptible to disease and illness. Healthy sleep patterns can also improve your memory, raise your attention skills, and help you maintain a healthier weight.

Investing in a new bed is also a wise choice for allergy sufferers. Old mattresses are a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and other allergy triggers. While you may not know it, these contaminants are often responsible for mild allergy symptoms like watery eyes and sneezing. Over time, these contaminants can build up in upholstery, causing symptoms to worsen. Allergy sufferers may be able to eliminate some of their symptoms by updating where they sleep.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Using an Extra Mattress as a Daybed or Sofa

If you have an overabundance of furniture, it can be tough to know what to do with it. For young couples that may have an extra mattress but no spare guest room, it can be repurposed as a daybed or sofa. Positioning the mattress against a wall and purchasing some throw pillows, can create a comfortable and convenient space for sitting and relaxing. Now when you have a guest who needs somewhere to sleep, all you have to do is switch the pillows.

Ottoman as a Small Coffee Table and Storage

Fortunately these pieces are easy to find, affordable and extremely useful. Ottomans that have a removable top with a flat wood surface on the bottom can be used as storage, as a foot rest, as extra seating or as a small table for wine and cheese. Not only are these pieces smart-looking and fitting for any home, they’re comfortable and can hold a good amount of storage items. Consider these for your children’s room as a place to sit and store their toys. Since dual-purpose ottomans have become increasingly popular, they’re available in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes and colors.

Litter-box End Table

Owning a cat can be a real joy, but the litter-box you keep in your laundry room or bathroom is an eyesore. For the pet lover whose looking to forever discard the stand-alone litter-box, you might consider an end table specifically designed for litter-box storage. With the right amount of detergent to keep it smelling fresh, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice it.

Drawers in the Stairs

Though stairs aren’t technically furniture, they take up a large portion of the house and have the potential to be utilized in other ways. For those who have an exceedingly large collection of books or things they can’t find a permanent place for, having your stairs also serve as pullout storage drawers can be a lifesaver. Since this feature is rarely installed into pre-existing apartments and houses, it’d be a project you’d need to undertake in your own purchased home. The clean and uncluttered look you can achieve from storing items in the stairs will astound you. Now you can completely de-clutter and organize the bookcase that’s been long overrun. There are plenty of unique and useful design options out there to fit a storage staircase in your home.

Persian Rugs

The colour scheme is the first thing to consider in your Persian themed room. Be prepared to choose bold colours, such as dark reds, deep, rich burgundy, terracotta, indigo or emerald greens as your base colours. Pale, pastel shades do not feature at all in the Persian decorator’s palette, but earthy tones can be acceptable if you want the room to look slightly less indulgent. You can also consider purchasing a special style of paint that gives surfaces a slightly worn, antique looking finish, without looking tacky.

Many Persian themed rooms have tapestries or wall hangings on the walls for added decoration. Luxurious Persian rugs can also be hung to similar effect. These usually have intricately designed patterns, with rich and metallic colour schemes similar to the colour scheme of the room. Try to choose a colour that is a bit different from the colours of the walls, so that the colours of the hanging don’t get “swallowed” by colours of the wall, but be careful not to choose a pattern that will clash with the rest of the decor.

Get a large Persian rug to cover the floor. The intricately designed patterns and contrasting colours can complement the colour scheme and other artworks in the room. Many rugs are actually works of art in their own rights. High-quality handmade pieces are available over the internet or from specialist dealers. If you would prefer to have a bare floor, varnish and coat the floorboards so that they go a rich, deep brown, so that they will not look cold against the warm colours of the room. Either buy one stunning Persian rug to act as the centrepiece of the room or buy a few rugs of different sizes and place them around the room. Do not be afraid to experiment with layering. You can also choose to cover your floor in hand painted tiles, which are covered with intricate designs, but if you live in a temperate climate, this may leave your room feeling colder during winter. Tiles may be better option for the kitchen or the bathroom than for the living room or the bedroom.

The furniture in your room should be made of deep brown woods or be metallic. Never consider plastic items. If your budget is large enough, consider wooden items that are intricately carved with inlaid panels. If your budget is smaller you can make plainer items look more luxurious by draping them with Persian style fabrics. Choose items with beads, mirrored pieces and metallic embroidery. Silk and satin items with a trimmed fringe are also perfect. A large antique, gold framed mirror will complete the room, and can help small rooms look larger.