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Care For Cane Furniture

  • Keep cane furniture from hot areas and low humidity areas. The conditions can make the cane too dry hence brittle and easily breakable. They should be kept away from direct sunlight as well as heater ducts. Furniture polish that is high in oil content can be used to dust the furniture to keep the cane supple.
  • Use the chairs with care when sitting. It is important to distribute your weight evenly when sitting to avoid breaking the cane strands. Any use of the chair that can lead to such breakages should be avoided at all costs. They include kneeling on the seat or using the chair as a step stool or ladder.
  • Revive stretched and sagging strands that are not broken by applying a wet warm cloth on the underside of the seat when it is upside down and letting it stay overnight. After drying, the strands will shrink to give you a tight seating area. The treatment works by removing pressure off the wooden edges inside. Cane has elastic properties, hence the sagging is very normal.
  • Throw in a cushion or chair pad to prolong cane seat life. The pad or cushion works by ensuring that weight is evenly distributed reducing the pressure on individual strands. The less pressure there is, the longer your seat will last.
  • Maintain cleanliness by cleaning dirt and grime with wood soap or a mild detergent. Warm water, soft bristle brush and a cloth are all you need to clean the seats thoroughly. It is best to allow the seats to dry on a windy warm day to eliminate chances of mildew and mold setting which can stain and damage the cane. Enough time should be allowed for complete drying before use. It will prevent the cane from stretching out of shape.
  • If your furniture has mildew and mold, use warm soapy water and bleach to clean out the growths. Rinsing should follow before proper outdoor drying under the sun is done. Use of bleach should be used with care not to spill to the wooden frame.
  • Avoid storing your cane furniture in areas with high humidity or wet areas prone to mildew and mold. The storage area should have enough air circulation and should be dry.
  • Repair your cane furniture as soon as you start seeing damage such as strand breakage. The fact is the strands can be woven to revive your seat, making it look as good as new. With proper care, however, you will have fewer repairs to worry about.