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Building Gazebo

The Basics

Gazebo kits are available in a variety of styles and prices, allowing you to customize your dream yard or garden within your budget. Kits are most prevalent in two forms: pre-fabricated sections or unassembled parts to be assembled by the buyer. In either form, the kit generally requires the buyer to have no more than a screw gun and a level. Additionally, the buyer must be ready to put in manual labor and time. Gazebo kits, due to their availability in different forms and size, can require as little as a few hours to assemble or may require multiple weeks, though most can be classified as weekend projects.


One of the most appealing aspects of gazebo kits is their high level of customization. Buyers are able to customize everything about the gazebo, including their style, shape, size, building materials, and finishing details. The only limit to available options is how much the buyer is willing to shop around!

Different styles, shapes, and sizes of gazebo kits generally follow their function. Buyers can consider styles ranging from patio gazebos and spa gazebos to traditional garden gazebos. From there, buyers can specify the desire shape and size of the gazebo to be installed.

The most visually apparent factor of the gazebo is their building material, which popularly includes woods, PVC vinyl, and metals. Woods commonly used in building gazebos include American redwood, cedar and pine. When choosing a wood, it is important to consider how the material will endure outdoor wear and the effect on the material’s appearance. For example, cedar, a common building material for gazebos, will turn from light brown to grayish-brown after a few years of outdoor wear. PVC vinyl and metals, such as wrought iron and aluminum, can also be specified for your gazebo kit; these options may better endure outdoor wear, but are also more expensive.