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Benefits Customised Sofa

Whether a long day at the office, a busy day running a million and one errands or a day at home taking a long earned break; our sofas are where we congregate, put our feet up and relax, so why not consider going bespoke…

  • Unique – Mass produced sofas are great but going bespoke means that you can have something that truly compliments your room. From the material to the style of finishing’s, what you get is something truly unique and original to your taste.
  • Size – Not all homes are the same which is why for many homeowners, finding a sofa that actually fits a room perfectly is incredibly difficult. Opting to design your own sofa means you get exactly what you want and ultimately a piece that fits into your home perfectly, regardless of the shape and size you require.
  • Control – Ever spotted a piece of furniture and thought “that would be great… if I could only remove that finish/change the material”. It is rare to walk into a store and immediately find the perfect piece which results in an endless number of hours spent searching for the perfect item only to have to settle for second best. By designing your own furniture you get complete control; from the material to fabric to finishes; designers will use only what you want and where you want it… how is that not perfect?
  • Price – When it comes to buying furniture naturally you will have a budget in mind however it is often difficult to find something that is in fact well within your budget and exactly what you want. Tying in with the above points, when you opt for a bespoke furniture you pay for a piece that is perfect but not only that, in the hands of the right company and right designers you can tailor your sofa to actually meet your budget and even save money too! Designers will discuss the different materials and fabrics and the costs so you can create the perfect sofa that not only suits your personal style but your wallet.