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Bed Sets For Men

Bed Sheets

They spend most of the time against your skin; therefore, you should ensure that they are soft and of high quality. Although, you are a man, you don’t have to be dirty. To remain clean you should have a few sets. For example, you should have 2-3 sets (top and bottom) of linen or light cotton sheets for the warm weather. It’s also wise to have 1-2 sets of cotton flannel sheets for the cold weather.

You should use freshly-cleaned sheets for a week or two at most and then change them.


They are the medium-weight, stuffed blankets that you use as outer layers in the warm months of the year. You can also use them as under-layers during winter. It’s not mandatory to have a comforter as a man, but it’s good to have one, just like you have a fall jacket.

You can comfortably get by with just one comforter, but it’s good to have two.

Down Quilt And Duvet

A down quilt is also known as down comforter and it’s a blanket stuffed with warm goose down. It’s usually big and fluffy and provides you with a lot of warmth by trapping hot air inside the cover.

A duvet on the other hand is a cotton or linen cover that slips over a mattress-like blanket. It usually provides an outer layer that is soft on the skin and you can easily take it off for cleaning.

As a man you should have at least one down quilt and 1-3 high quality cotton duvets.

How To Buy High Quality Bed Sets

For your bed sets to last for a long time as a man, you should go for the highest quality sets that you can afford. When making the purchase you need to consider a number of factors:

Country of manufacture: most of the bed sets in the market are made from China. It’s good to note that there are both good quality and low quality China bed sets; therefore, you need to be patient when making the purchase. You should take your time to choose the highest quality bed sets in the market. It you are looking for luxury, you should go for Italian, Dutch or Irish bed sets. These ones are handmade and very comfortable.