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Acrylic Coffee Table

  • Square tables – Square has been the perfect shape for ages and you will easily find square acrylic coffee tables for your room. If you go for this style of table, leave space around the table to keep accidents at bay. You can buy a glass top for additional glamour of the table or choose L shaped legs or mix glass or metal with the acrylic for that modern looking table.
  • Bent tables – This is one of the most popular types of coffee acrylic table today. The style features soft curved edges, making it safer, especially for households that have kids. The bent design gives your table a delicate sensation. You can go for a peekaboo design and choose how far bent your table should be depending on what design appeals the most to you or serves your needs around your home best.
  • Dual purpose tables – Just like the name suggests the table style gives you additional usage. It can for instance be shaped and designed like a truck so you have a table and a trunk function on one piece. You can store books or shiny decorative items within the trunk for a glamorous look. You can also choose to have one with an aquarium presentation in that the base area that stunning marine life design and colors bringing your table to life. It of course does not have actual fish, but you can choose aquatic plants you want included.
  • Long tables – These acrylic coffee tables are designed narrower, taking less space and maintaining the elegance. You can play around with the shapes when it comes to the long tables in that you can have emerald shaped diamond design or any other shape that adds elegance and class to your space. The long tables are great for areas that you want to keep simple and less crowded.

Clear acrylic coffee tables can transform your room depending on the choices you make as far as the size, design and additional materials and highlights are concerned. Besides buying readymade tables, consider having a unique one custom designed and made just for you. Acrylic is a material that is easy to work with hence there is practically no design or shape it can’t achieve. Try and be as unique as you can be and you will enjoy your acrylic coffee table.