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Undergoing Renovations

Selecting the right contractor to do work on your home is absolutely the most vital and important part of any home renovation or project. If you are careless in this step of the process you leave yourself vulnerable to many negative possible outcomes; A contractor that has little to no experience may use improper building methods, which is dangerous to your safety. More money spent on repairing the initial contractors inexperience and improper building applications; this is an example of a basic but very likely situation that can be easily avoided.

Get multiple quotes, meet with multiple contractors. You must be observant and make mental notes when meeting with potential contractors you are considering. Be aware of the contractors body language, and ability to answer any questions you may have. They should have sensible answers and solutions without delay, if you do not understand ask for a better explanation. You will notice if you have met with a few contractors that most of their solutions will require the same “scope of work”, if one seems to be way off the tracks; take note and be cautious, as this can be a sign of inexperience. Compare estimates from all of your possible candidates, they should for the most part be close in relation. It is normal to have a variance anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to five hundred. What you should be looking for here is not that contractors who are in close relation to each others estimate, but focus on the one (if any) are substantially lower in price than the rest. This is a very good indication that the contractor is inexperienced or that they do not intend to do a proper job.

Do a little investigation into the contractor/company you are considering for hire. Do they have a website? check it out, do they have any references or reviews? contact or read up on them. This is an important step that should not be overlooked, as you are able to learn a lot from others experiences. In person and on paper, a contractors demeanor can sometimes be misleading, this little bit of research can validate or disprove any concerns you may have.

In selecting the right contractor you ultimately have to feel comfortable with whomever who decide to hire. After you have followed all of the steps previously mentioned, you may be undecided between a couple possible candidates. The best solution to this matter is to go with whom you feel the most comfortable with, if budget is of great concern the contractor you choose will likely lower their quote within reason to accommodate. You may be required to make a 15 to 25 percent deposit, which is normal, if you are asked for more than this than be cautious and reconsider, unless there is a valid reason (materials for your project are extremely costly).

Space Saving Ideas

During this movement, many people tend to have a lot of valuable stuff which require sufficient space for safe keeping. This situation is quite stressful but there are some guidelines that can be very helpful in utilizing the little space that is available.

The first thing that you will need to do is to decide on the stuff you have; whether they are worth keeping or discarding. Another factor which you will need to take into account in the space saving ideas is whether or not the pieces of furniture are of the right size and well fitting in your new space. Do they make you comfortable? Is your family so attached to them?

There are a number of valuables which you should always keep. They include; sofa sets and corresponding chairs, any swiveling chair, armless chairs, end tables, anything which has storage and matching lamps. There are things that you may not use and which you should dispose of. These include old books, magazines, and personal papers which you may not need again. Items that are either too huge or worn out and uncomfortable should be discarded.

The following are some useful space saving ideas:

  • It is possible to create extra space by adding shelves above the doorways and glass shelves diagonally on deep-set windows.
  • You can use an Ottoman or a chest as your coffee table. Low bookcases can be put alongside a sofa back and will serve as a sofa table, too. You can fix a shelf high up on a wall or fix a low book case under the windows. You may also put a big bucket near your preferred chair for your magazines. A hallway may be lined with bookshelves to save on more space. You can also purchase stack magazines or a magazine rack that are in flat-bottomed baskets under a console or coffee table. Any wasted space can be utilized as corner bookcases.

The following can save more space.

  • You can buy a coffee table which has a drawer for remotes.
  • A wicker hamper can be used as a blanket’s storage space as well as an end table.
  • A shallow display space can be sliced in between wall studs.
  • A smaller number but bigger pieces of furniture and garnishes should be used in order to reduce visual litter. You can extend your outside space by making a deck or patio comfortable and hospitable.
  • For a tiny room, going for furniture with several drawers will easily solve storage problems. You can buy a folding bed that is included in a cabinet system as well as expandable tables and convertible sofas.

Determine the Quality of Teak Wood

Grade A teak is very rare because of the relatively small amount of heartwood which is present in any tree as well as the fact that to develop the best heartwood, the teak tree needs to grow to maturity – which can take up to 100 years. Most teak imported to the United States is harvested from government controlled sustainable teak plantations in Indonesia and Thailand. Most teak trees in these plantations grow to about 20 years of age before harvest, making the true heartwood harvested from the trees scarce. In fact, true grade A teak is so rare that there are reports of some dealers “dipping” their teak into an unknown substance, making lower quality teak appear to be grade A.

Most teak on the market today is grade B or C. B grade teak may have some slight color differences and a slightly curved grain. It is very hard (all teak is hard) and durable. Grade C teak has more variation in the grain because it is harvested with a mixture of heartwood and sap wood. The color variations of grade C teak vary from lighter shades to darker and richer shades of golden brown.

The biggest indicator that your wood may be dipped is that it has a very uniform color and may feel oily. For those wanting the color of grade A teak and not wanting to pay grade A prices for their teak furniture, this may be an option. However, truthfully, for those planning on letting their teak weather naturally, in a year’s time or so, your teak benches, chairs or tables will all weather to the lovely silverfish gray – grade A or grade C.

Renovations and Hiring Builders


One of the most common mistakes is that people rush into large renovation projects without carefully planning the budget. The thing is that there should be some money set aside for the additional jobs that often occur. Whether it is for repairs that are uncovered on the way or else – it is always good to know that you can cope with the situation no matter of the unexpected payings.

Is the Work Worth it?

Ask yourself whether the invested money are going to have some effect on your home’s resale value. Answering this can be done by consulting a real estate agent. This is certainly a good idea if the renovation project is a big and costly one.

Renovating a New Home

When you have just moved in a new home do not rush into major renovations if they are not necessary. It the building work concerns lack of space or is up to matching your personal tastes – it really is better to wait several months for two reasons. The first is that with the time you might find a better arrangement which will allow you to have the required free space and will save you money. If it concerns personal tastes, it is good to check up with the neighbours – haven’t they thought of a better project than yours?

Cleaning Up During Building Work

Building work will bring you the kitchen of your dreams, the conservatory you have wanted or will make your house bigger. But before that there is some cleaning to be faced. If walls have to be torn down, dust will be found everywhere around. Besides this, there are much more issues before even getting to the part with the cleaning – some rooms become inaccessible and others have to cope with the extra use.

In order to not risk the junk to become too much there are some simple steps that will allow you to stay in charge of your home’s condition.

  • If many rooms have to be accessed by the builders, make sure to have a particular order in which they will work. Make sure they will keep up to the initial plan in order for you to be able to use the rooms that are not needed yet, plus clean the ones that are already done.
  • Dusty works should be isolated – do not allow the grime to contaminated other rooms.
  • Preparation is essential for furniture, carpets and curtains – everything should be well covered or taken out of the work area. Breakable should be kept safe as well.
  • One bathroom and a toilet better be maintained properly no matter the heavy use they get.
  • Arrange where the rubbish will be put – whether it is going into the skip or else, but you certainly won’t like seeing all the rubbish in your garden.

Choosing a Builder

Word of mouth is one of the ways to ensure you make the right decision. Neighbours usually provide a good answer. Contract for bigger jobs is certainly a must as its non-presence might later lead to problems. Liability insurance should be there if something goes wrong.

Dryer Rebates

Why is natural gas the right way to go? First, it’s been proven that natural gas dryers can make clothes dry faster than their electric counterparts. As a result, you’ll save more energy by having the appliance turn on less. In general, it will cost less to run each month than electric counterpart. While buying this type of model may cost more up front, the money you will get to save in the future will make the purchase more than worth it. Besides, you can get dryer rebates for making the switch, saving you hundreds of dollars when you make the initial purchase. You’ll be doing a great service to the environment as well as taking the pressure off your monthly electric bill.

Still not sold? Did you know that when you use electrical appliances, only thirty percent of the energy used to generate the electricity is able to reach your home? As a result, seventy percent of that energy is wasted along the way. Natural gas, however, is the same gas that enters the pipelines of your home, so little energy is actually wasted. Only ten percent of it actually gets lost in the process. It also emits up to fifty percent fewer of carbon emissions than a home that uses electric appliances. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and do a great service to planet Earth. Also, eighty five percent of natural gas is from the United States, so it helps us reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. It’s also a resource that helps create jobs for more Americans, so by making the switch, you’re helping invest in an industry that will benefit your peers.

Balcony Beckoning

Just because there’s no grass, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden

One of the biggest mistakes people make when styling their balcony is running away from foliage, because trees and plants are for ‘people with huge gardens’ and will only draw attention to the fact that this is a tiny balcony and not, well, the grounds of Versailles. Wrong. Pot plants and creepers will help to bring a little bit of life to your outdoor space. Just be sure to check with your local nursery about plants that can live well without direct sunlight… and that won’t grow to be so big they break out of their pots.

Every home could use an extra room

Turn your balcony into an alternative entertaining area. Purchase outdoor furniture that works with your size of balcony. For example, while larger balconies can cope with a full outdoor dining set outside, smaller balconies benefit from a thin table pushed up against the railing, with bar stools on the other side of the table that can easily be pushed underneath to maximise space.

Store those necessities somewhere stylish

There are some things that you might need to keep out on your balcony: your washing line, your bike etc. However, leaving these things strewn across the space can look messy. A wardrobe painted with weather resistant paint can be a great way to store these odds and ends that need to be kept outdoors.) For smaller spaces, hang hooks on the wall so that you can store these things without compromising floor space.

Accessories are the key

Treat your balcony like you would any other area of your house, and accessorise. Candles on tables, paintings on walls; these are the things that can help you to start viewing the balcony as a pleasant place to be. Just make sure that they are weather proof or, if that’s not possible, keep a box handy out on the balcony and store them in there when you don’t have guests over.

Get in touch with Mother Nature

Okay. Fine. You don’t have a garden. But no one needs to tell your local wildlife that. Set up a bird bath and feeder on your balcony, to enjoy the company of birdlife all day long. The only downside is… Well, let’s just say that when birds relieve themselves it is substantially less noticeable in a garden than it will be on your pavers.

Internal Planning Permission

When changing internal walls you may also need planning permission as certain changes could easily violate the planning laws. Obviously you cannot make any alterations to a standing in your house as this would not only slowly bring your house to the ground but it would also break planning laws. Other walls which are not used for support can be removed without permission but if these walls affect any fire escape routes then you will need to get these inspected to ensure they are 100% safe.

If you plan to install a new internal wall you will probably not have to gain planning permission but you will have to adhere to strict guidelines. These guidelines involve: fire safety, sound proofing and ventilation. Details of these can be found below:

  • Fire Safety- The wall installed must be fire resistant to a reasonable standard and if you can get these details from a qualified professional who would install the wall for you.
  • Sound Proofing- If a new wall is to separate a WC from a bedroom or any other room then you will have to get make sure improved sound insulation is installed with the wall.
  • Ventilation- According to planning guidelines any new rooms need to have a certain amount of air moving in and out of the room. This can be through an opening window, extract fans or just general movement. If you are having a new bathroom or kitchen install and there is not an opening window then you are required to have an extraction fan to remove condensation and smells.

Spot a Cheap New Subdivision

The “guts” of a home (foundation, electrical, plumbing etc) are the often the money pit factors. When you don’t buy new, you run the risk of having to pay unexpected costs. Also, new homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. From the windows to the doors, builders make sure to seal everything up really well. For instance, if you are driving through an area with many new homes, particularly with real estate for sale, you may want to pay attention to see if the windows bear manufacturing stickers.

This is often used as a sales tactic to reel in potential buyers. Reputed companies are very well known for producing highly energy efficient windows. When people see that a house has been installed with the latest and greatest, they are more apt to buy. Another great benefit to living in a new subdivision is that since they are relatively small, you can enjoy the advantages of quiet streets and a safe neighborhood.

They are perfect places to raise a family, and this is why they are highly sought after. Here are some tips for spotting a new subdivision. You will want to read through the list carefully, as the homes in these areas tend to sell quickly. If you are fortunate, you may be able to get a great deal on a brand new home. The most important thing to keep in mind is that equity increases rapidly for homes that are located in new developments.

Outdoor Furniture Materials

  • Wood – It is a material that is quite durable, strong and natural making it a popular choice for many. Nothing says it better than wood when it comes to uniqueness and quality. The most popular options include teak, white pine, cedar and wicker.
  • Teak – It is most expensive in the wood category and outdoor furniture. The deciduous hardwood tree has a high oil content making it resistant to rotting even when exposed to extreme conditions. It can be used untreated for that beautiful natural finish or finished to achieve desired look.
  • Cedar – It is a wood resistant to weathering and hence will last for decades looking great and free from decay and rotting. It becomes even more beautiful as it ages, whether painted or left unfinished. A protective oil application will however retain the rich color of the wood.
  • White pine – It resists weather making it best for outdoor furniture. It is however important to treat the wood with a protective finish to improve durability and prevent it from discoloring.
  • Wicker – It is a combination of reeds, canes and twigs woven together to create the furniture items. It can be made from rattan, willow or cane and is very unique. It is naturally very beautiful and elegant, suitable for a relaxed look for any outdoor space. Proper care and treatment will increase durability.
  • Metal – It is loved because it is easy to maintain and does not require much treating to enjoy in the outdoors. Metal is also easy to craft into desired designs and styles to match individual preferences. The most popular options are wrought iron and cast aluminum.
  • Cast aluminum – Metal molds are made from wooden models of the needed pieces to achieve the final piece. Casting is a process that has been there for a long time and it produces finely detailed pieces for your outdoors. You can be as creative as you wish to be with cast aluminum.
  • Wrought iron – It can be hammered and twisted to achieve the desired look. Instead of using molten metal as it is the case with cast iron, the iron is heated and shaped when malleable and soft into desired furniture pieces. The pieces are then fixed together to create outdoor items. It is resistant to corrosion and it can be powder coated for durability.
  • Plastic – Outdoor furniture made of plastic comes with the benefits of being inexpensive, lightweight and portable. They might however not be as durable as wood and metal. Plastic can, however withstand different elements, including rain.

Waterproof Wood Flooring

The most common type of waterproof wood flooring is a linoleum piece. These days, you will find linoleum in various colors and thickness. One of the best things about linoleum is that there is a design for everyone. It can be easily laid down and moreover, you can also cut them according to different shapes and designs. Another option when it comes to waterproof wood flooring is a rug. It can be easily wiped to remove any type of spills. Even if one makes a rug from a piece, he or she can attain a bargain price as it is a leftover. One of the best places to find linoleum is over the internet. Here, you can compare all the benefits, designs and prices of linoleum.

Although you will get them in retail stores too but there the stocks are limited. Another popular waterproof wood flooring material you can use is tiles. You will find different types of waterproof flooring made of different designs and colors. Among all, porcelain tiles are regarded to be precise in measurement. This type of tile can also be cleaned easily. If you want to give an attractive look to your floors then choose natural stone tiles. The only disadvantage of these tiles is they are a bit difficult to lay down as there are a bit of size differences. These tiles cannot be laid down in a usual checkerboard design as some of them might be off-measurement. Avoid those that appear as a brick wall and select the correct grout and then you will definitely have attractive flooring.

There are some porcelain tiles similar to natural stones with the only difference in their shape. Generally, they are made of square shape as they are manufactured from molds in a factory. If you look around, you can get these tiles at a cheap price also. The best waterproof wood flooring that can be considered is ceramic tiles. Some of the ceramic tiles like for example, Saltiloos are harder to clean. If installed and taken care of properly these tiles can also be used for a long span of time. If you live in a Spanish hacienda kind house these are the best tiles that you can have for your floors.